Wedding Invitation Horror Stories

We’ve all heard about the unfortunate disasters that have befallen other brides and grooms. From melting cakes to dresses that don’t fit to limos that never arrive, weddings seem prone to mishaps, perhaps because we work so hard to make sure every detail is absolutely perfect. The bad news is that your wedding invitations are not immune to potential problems. Below are a few examples.

wedding storiesOne bride-to-be decided to have an early morning wedding, so she chose eight o’clock as the time of the big event and planned to have a large breakfast bar at the reception site. Although nearly 200 guests responded and promised to attend the event, only about 100 showed up. She was devastated and lost thousands of dollars on the catering alone because of the leftover food she didn’t have any use for. That evening she started receiving confused calls from her non-attending wedding guests who were showing up at the wedding site for her 8 p. m. wedding. When she looked back at the invitation, she realized that the time was simply listed as 8 o’clock – no a. m. or p. m. was included. Plus, she had not included details about the reception to give guests a clue as to when the event would occur.

Her story shows how much damage even a tiny error or forgotten detail on a wedding invitation can cause.

Another couple learned a valuable lesson about postage the hard way. Four weeks before their wedding, they mailed 250 wedding invitations and asked people to respond within one week of the ceremony date. However, two days before the response deadline, the couple received an unpleasant surprise in their mailbox when all of their invitations were returned because of insufficient postage. How much were they off on each invitation? About three cents. Instead of being able to mail the beautiful, engraved invitations they had spent thousands of dollars to create, they had to spend the next four days calling all of their guests to invite them to the wedding.

To prevent this type of wedding invitation horror story, you should take one of your completed invitations to your local post office and have it weighed so you’ll know the exact amount of postage to use on each one. You don’t want to play a guessing game with your wedding invitations.

One busy bride experienced a similar problem after she forgot to proofread her wedding invitations. She had planned for a wedding in the middle of June, so she mailed her invitations at the beginning of May. By the beginning of June, she was distraught because so few of her responses had arrived. On the day of her wedding, however, even those guests who had responded were no-shows. Her wedding day was supposed to include 150 guests, instead only the couple’s immediate family, five close friends, and the wedding party’s significant others were in attendance. What went wrong? Her printer had mistakenly listed the date of her wedding for the middle of July! In fact, when the depressed bride returned from her two week honeymoon, her post office box was overflowing with invitation responses.

The rule to remember here: proofread your invitations and set a deadline for responses. By proofreading, you can catch these types of errors and by setting a deadline you’ll be able to start calling guests who have not responded which would also have prevented this wedding invitation horror story.

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Is it Safe to Use Photo Cards as Sweet Sixteen Birthday Invitations?

Photo cards have jumped up in popularity, mostly due to the fact that digital cameras make it so easy for you to take a quality shot at home (or on vacation) without having to visit a photographer for a professional portrait. This led to photo cards with a more candid feel because people choose to include more casual photos. If you want to send photo cards as sweet sixteen birthday invitations, there are a few items of importance to know first.

Stay Safe By Taking Simple Precautions

Sweet 16 Photo InvitationsIt’s relatively unlikely that someone will see one of your photo card sweet sixteen birthday invitations and begin stalking, but these invitations feature your photo, name, age and address. The best defense against unwanted eyes prying into your sweet sixteen birthday party is to purchase lined envelopes to mail your photo card sweet sixteen birthday invitations. Most photo cards come with envelopes, but if they aren’t offered with the design you choose, purchase envelopes elsewhere, making sure they are the right size.

Have fun with the envelopes and choose a patterned liner that corresponds with your photo card sweet sixteen birthday invitation, choose colored envelopes or select both a colored envelope with a patterned liner.

Also, it’s best not to include a provocative photo. Even though you’re mailing your photo card sweet sixteen birthday invitations in envelopes, they eventually get opened by recipients and will probably be lying around or even transported in a purse or backpack. If your pose or photo is risqué, you could open yourself up to trouble.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Photo for Your Sweet Sixteen Birthday Invitations

Turning sweet sixteen is a great opportunity to include a photo of you doing something you love, either all dressed up or happy and casual. It’s best to choose the type of photo card sweet sixteen birthday invitation you want before choosing the photo. This way, you can possibly match a theme or take a new photo that corresponds with the theme or color scheme of your invitation.

For instance, if you’re planning a luau sweet sixteen birthday party and choose photo card sweet sixteen birthday invitations, you might include a windblown photo of yourself wearing a sundress and a lei at the beach. If you don’t live near the beach and haven’t visited recently, you can always dress up as if you were in Hawaii and take the photo against a beach backdrop, or if you know someone handy with photo editing software, have that person insert you in a beach background.

When taking or choosing the photo, it’s important to read the requirements for the photo card sweet sixteen birthday invitation you’re choosing and accordingly set the resolution so you’ll end up with a clear photo. You can also play around with making your photo black and white, sepia or use editing features like watercolor to turn yourself into a painting.

As long as you have fun, keep your photo choice appropriate for all audiences and mail your photo cards in envelopes, then you’ll truly be left with a special sweet sixteen birthday invitation that you will treasure forever.

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How to Make Your Wedding Invitations Personal

Do you want an invitation that exudes your personality without draining your bank account? Can you not stand the idea of another blasé piece of stationery? You are in good company! By following the ideas in this article, brides-to-be can send out sensational wedding invitations at a price that they can afford. You do not have to sacrifice your style to personalize your wedding invitations at budget-friendly prices.

Building the Foundation for Wedding Invitations

Personalizing Your Wedding InvitationsAre you ready to get started planning your big day? Here are a few things to consider before you go shopping for stationery:

• Do you have a specific color or theme in mind?

• How many people are on your guest list?

• What does your budget look like?

• Do you want a classic or contemporary look?

Before buying your wedding invitations, ask yourself these questions. This will ensure that the range of wedding invitations you consider will be already suited to your style and budget.

Personalizing Your Wedding Invitations

Did you find wedding invitations with the perfect color, but not the right personalized flair? You can always jazz up your wedding invitations with creative components that showcase your personality. Here are some ways that a bride-to-be can liven up plain stationery:

• Add an embellishment, such as small seashells or vintage ephemera.

• Enclose a picture of the bride and groom.

• Paint it with watercolors.

• Tie it with ribbon.

• Include bellybands of differing textures or colors.

• Send the wedding invitations in unique vessels, such as a glass bottle or enclosed in a fabric box.

Color is the fastest way to brighten up stationery and to give it a signature look. Choose a color combination that is reflective of you and your wedding theme. For example:

• Love the movie Grease? Why not host a 1950s wedding complete with pink and black invitations?

• Is fall your favorite season? Announce your outdoor ceremony by sending out orange, brown, and gold colored invitations.

Use the Wording to Be Personal

There is much more to your wedding invitation than the paper itself. Remember, you can convey a personal message through the words that you choose to compose on your wedding invitations. Including witty phrases and word puns is a great way to put a smile on your guests’ faces.

Think about your theme and what type of wording would be appropriate. If you are holding a musically-themed wedding, then incorporate phrases from your favorite song. Or, for those holding a destination wedding in Hawaii, include references to “wedding aloha” and other Hawaiian words. For those who are literature enthusiasts, write your invitation in poem prose. You can truly convey your personality and interests through the words that you choose to pen on your wedding invitations.

Anything is possible when it comes to creating a unique wedding theme for you and your guests. Draw inspiration from events in your life, the personality of you and your fiancé, and your wedding’s theme to personalize any wedding invitation.

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Housewarming Invitations

Hosting a Housewarming Party

Moving into a new home is such an exciting event. Why not show off your new place with a housewarming party? It’s a great way to let your friends and family see your new home and meet new neighbors, too. Many people resist having a housewarming party if they’ve moved far away from friends and family because they don’t know anyone. But, I think having a housewarming party is one of the best ways to meet your new neighbors and start building new relationships

Hosting a Housewarming PartyIt’s not necessary to wait until your home is in perfect shape, or until everything is unpacked, to have your housewarming. People understand that it takes a long time to get settled and they’re curious to see what the house looks like, even if everything’s not in tip top shape. And housewarming parties are typically very informal, so you can keep it simple and easy to put together. Check out for some great housewarming invitations. If you’re inviting a lot of people you don’t know, you might want to put “no gifts” on your invitations, to avoid neighbors you’ll be meeting for the first time feeling obligated to bring a housewarming gift.

Your home is the main attraction so you don’t need to plan for this party. Guests will be more interested in touring your house and getting to know you or catching up with you and other friends than in playing party games.

Tips for Making Your Housewarming Successful

Give good directions

Your friends in town haven’t been to your house before, so be certain they know how to get there.

Deliver invitations to new neighbors in person

Don’t put an invitation in the mailbox of a neighbor you’ve never met. Instead, hand-deliver it and introduce yourself. Many people will not show up if they’ve never even met you.

Offer Tours

If you’re married, you and your partner should split up, with one of you staying in the main area answering the door and mingling and the other offering tours of the home occasionally throughout the party. Most of the time housewarming parties are “drop in” events, so it’s better to either tour each guest as he/she arrives or every few minutes with all new arrivals. If you’ve made extensive changes to your home, you might want to post a “before” picture in each room so that guests can see your improvements.

Have food and drink, but keep it simple

People are not likely to eat or drink a lot at this type of party. Set up a “help yourself bar”, but also be sure to offer to make your guests a drink as they walk in (particularly if you’re just getting acquainted). Offer a variety of simple finger foods like chips and dips and if possible, a couple of your specialties. However, don’t feel obligated to offer a feast or to go all out with complicated appetizers.

A housewarming is a fun way to meet neighbors and show your home to old friends and family. It’s an instant way to make your new house feel just like home.

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Wedding Programs

Wedding programs are an optional part of your wedding stationery package, but it’s one that many couples opt to provide, even if they sometimes serve mostly as keepsakes of the special day. Of course, there are some times when a wedding program is almost mandatory and, if you choose to use them, there is some information they should contain.

When You Must Have Wedding Programs

wedding programWedding programs are typically optional, but there are some times when you really should provide them to your guests. For instance, if you have a large wedding party or if most of the people in your wedding party would be strangers to your guests, then you should provide wedding programs.

Another reason to have wedding programs is if you have a number of people involved in the ceremony, such as soloists, organists, or speakers. These individuals deserve to have their name listed in a program so they will be known by the guests as well – it’s one way to show your appreciation for their participation.

You may also choose to have wedding programs if there are parts of your ceremony that may be unfamiliar to some of your guests. For example, if you are lighting a unity candle, you may want to explain who will be involved and what the significance of this part of the ceremony is for guests who may be unfamiliar with it.

Even if none of these situations are applicable to your ceremony, you can choose to have wedding programs.

Ordering Guidelines for Wedding Programs

Obviously, all of the details for your ceremony have to be determined prior to you ordering your wedding programs. You can’t list the names of the participants if you haven’t asked them yet.

You should place an order for your wedding programs at the same time you order your wedding invitations. That way you can feel confident that they will be ready to distribute on the day of your ceremony.

You should order one program for each guest, as well as one for every member of your wedding party, for any individual participating in the ceremony, and at least one for you to keep. It’s a good idea to order a few extras as well since not all of your guests may respond.

Wedding Program Content

If you choose to order wedding programs for your ceremony, then there are a number of pieces of information that are appropriate to include. Although there are no strict guidelines for wedding programs since they are optional, most wedding programs include three components: a cover, the ceremony order, and the wedding party participants.

The cover of your wedding program should provide the basic details about your ceremony, including who is getting married, where and when the ceremony is taking place, and other basic facts. Additionally, you can include a photograph of yourselves or some other type of artwork.

Below is an example of what the content of your wedding program’s cover might look like:

The Wedding
Angel Aurora Woods
Joshua Alexander Hughes
Saturday, January 22, 2007
at six o’clock in the evening
Missouri Botanical Gardens
St. Louis, Missouri

The next section of your wedding program includes a list of all the ceremony elements in the order in which they would occur. Depending on the length of your ceremony, this section can be relatively small or large. Remember there is really no guideline as to how long or how short this section needs to be.

One thing you must keep in mind is that you need to include the names of people responsible for each of the different ceremony elements. For example, if you have a soloist then that person’s name should be mentioned at the appropriate point in the program.

Below is an example of how this portion of your wedding program might look:

A Selection of the Couple’s Favorite Songs

“Wedding March” by Wagner

Opening Words
Rev. Elizabeth Webster

“Sonnet 116”
William Shakespeare

Giving of the Bride

Reciting of the Vows

Exchanging of the Rings

“I’ll Be”
Morgan Owens

Pronouncement of the Marriage

“What a Wonderful World”
Louis Armstrong

The final part of your wedding program should include a list of all the members of the wedding party. When it comes to the bridesmaids and groomsmen, you can choose to mention the person’s relationship to the bride or groom. This piece of information is a nice addition, especially for guests who are not well acquainted with the members of the wedding party.

Bride’s Parents
Mr. and Mrs. Darren Woods

Groom’s Parents
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hughes
Ms. Danielle Hughes

Maid of Honor
Charlotte James
bride’s friend

Inanna Woods,
bride’s sister
Veda Woods,
bride’s sister

Flower Girl
Molly Woods,
bride’s cousin

Best Man
Blake Allen,
groom’s friend

Jim Parks,
groom’s friend

Keith Hughes,
groom’s brother

Ring Bearer
Houston Allen,
best man’s son

Rev. Elizabeth Watson

Julia Rhylander,
friend of the bride

Jennifer Hughes-Douglas,
groom’s sister

Morgan Owens,
bride’s friend

Optional Wedding Program Content

In addition to the main sections of your wedding program, you can also add in almost any other content you desire. Here are some examples you might want to consider if space and/or your budget allows:

The story of how you met or of how you became engaged

Quotes about love, marriage, family, or relationships

Dedications to deceased family members and/or friends

Special thanks to parents of the bride and the groom

Copies of the vows, if you write your own (this will require some advanced preparation)

Explanations about the significance of different parts of the ceremony

Lyrics to songs and words to poems or poetry that will be performed during the ceremony


Additionally, the wedding program can be a good place to provide important information for guests, such as instructions on how to reach the reception location. You could also include instructions, such as “No flash photography permitted during the service” or “Please remain seated until the ushers dismiss you.”

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Luxury Yacht Birthday Party Experience With Cruise Theme Invitations

The fast and nimble yacht, today a symbol of prosperity and luxury, is the perfect place to host your birthday party. If you have any Dutch ancestors, then hosting your birthday on a yacht will be fitting, considering the Dutch are to thank for this popular pastime.

History of the Yacht

YachtThe Dutch invented yachting and developed the yacht, also spelled jacht or jagt, which comes from the Dutch word jagen, meaning to hunt or chase. The yacht was aptly named and originally referred to any small and fast three-mast and fully rigged vessel. Henry Hudson borrowed the yacht Halve Maan, or Half Moon, for his 1609 discovery voyage to North America.

The Dutch particularly preferred to arm yachts for battle. The Graaf Willem and Gloeyenden Oven participated in the first Anglo-Dutch War, lasting from 1652 to 1654. Later, warships grew in size and brigs and frigates took over for the smaller yachts during naval battles. Yachts were retained, however, as fast courier ships throughout the Napoleonic era.

Although boating for pleasure is as old as the Egyptian Pyramids, it was the Dutch who brought the concept of yachting to the masses in the late sixteenth century. Prior, it was reserved for royalty and the wealthy. The Dutch people enjoyed prosperity with the opening of trade with the Indies, and this translated to yachting simply for pleasure on the Netherlands’ many canals.

Cruise Into Your Next Year in Style

Even if you don’t personally own a yacht, there are many companies that offer charters complete with captain and crew. Choosing invitations with an elegant cruise ship or yacht will show your guests the scene of your party and set the mood. Whether you choose an elegant or more casual birthday celebration, a yacht will accommodate all your needs.

Party Ideas

There is always beautiful scenery aboard a yacht, no matter what time of day you select for your party. For an evening get-together, perhaps a cocktail party or a dinner cruise, send invitations featuring a brightly lit cruise ship aglow against the night sea. For an elegant yet enjoyable twist, tell everyone it will be a Gatsby-inspired cruise and ask guests to dress in their best Gatsby-esque 1920s attire. Ask the band to play music from the 20s and take everyone back in time for the evening.

You could elect to have your party in the afternoon, either serving a full lunch or just letting guests nibble on heavy hors d’oevres. Hiring a band to play background music can easily lend your party an elegant atmosphere. Depending on your guests, you could even set up a dance floor and have the band play your favorite dance songs.

You could opt for a brunch and, even if you want a more formal party, a yacht always provides the perfect backdrop. Ladies in beautiful dresses, men in light-colored suits sipping Bloody Mary cocktails and mimosas overlooking an azure sea will impress any guest.

Hosting your party on a yacht will create birthday memories worthy even of the Great Gatsby.

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Western Wedding Invitations to Match Western Wedding Favors

Want to gallop off into the sunset with your fiancé by having your wedding in an authentic American Wild West tradition? Getting hitched with a western wedding flare gives you the perfect opportunity to carry your theme into all elements of your wedding planning. Round up family and friends for your western wedding by coordinating invitations and favors.

Choosing the Perfect Western Invitation

Yee-haw Invitations available at MyExpression.comOnce you have decided to tie the knot with a western flare, you must then choose an invitation design. Invitations can come in many colors, shapes, and patterns. Tans, off-whites, and muted greens are all good choices for traditional invitations. Sprinkle confetti with western themes, such as cowboy boots or deputy stars, into traditional invitations to spur your guests in the western direction.

However, if you are looking to make your invitations unique and exciting, try using patterns such as cow print to evoke thoughts of the prairie lifestyle among your guests. Prints can be used as a backdrop to the card with another layer containing the announcements in order to make sure the time and date are clearly stated.

Keeping with the Wild West tradition, horseshoes, cowboy boots with spurs, lassos, deputy stars, cowboy hats, and prairie flowers are all excellent choices for shaped invitations. Shaped invitations can still fit neatly into a rectangular or square envelope for delivery. Don’t forget to include an RSVP in your invitations. If you chose a shaped invitation, a miniature RSVP version will coordinate nicely with the overall presentation.

Matching Your Favors to the Invitations

Once you have chosen a color, pattern, and shape for your invitations, matching favors for your guests becomes easy! If you choose a shape for your invitations, such as a horseshoe or deputy star, try using the same shape when ordering chocolate molds. Western theme chocolate molds can also be used alongside with more traditional invitations in order to reinforce the western theme.

Coordinating your favors can be made simple by distinguishing between male and female favors. For the men, fill boot-shaped lager glasses with goodies such as cigars, decorative deputy stars, and chocolate favors with a western theme. Fill miniature picnic baskets with horseshoe shaped bath soaps or chocolate cowboy boots for the women.

Western Favors for the Wedding Party

Choosing favors for your wedding party can also coordinate with general wedding favors and the invitations. Providing your wedding party with cowboy hats not only adds an authentic feel to your ceremony, but also gives them a fun souvenir to remember your special day. Options for the groomsmen may also include belt buckles or authentic cowboy spurs to wear with their boots. For the bridesmaids, a memorable charm bracelet with dangles such as horses, stars, and lassos will keep the western spirit alive.

To provide an extra special treat for the bridal party, you can consider giving coupons for line dancing or horseback riding lessons to keep the western theme alive among your friends and family.

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Wine and Cheese Stationery for Restaurant Menus

Did you know that both wine and cheese were discovered by accident? Perhaps this reason is why wine and cheese make a perfect match! These two perennial favorites appeal to adults of every age in many different cultures around the world.

A Brief Wine and Cheese History

wine and cheeseCheese was likely first created in the Middle East approximately 7,000 to 8,000 years ago. Milk was placed in goatskin containers for transportation, and it started to curdle due to the presence of rennet in the goatskin. Rennet is a natural enzyme needed to make cheese. By accident, one of modern cuisine’s cornerstones was born. The discovery of wine was much the same. Grapes that were stored in a container began fermenting in the presence of naturally occurring wild strains of yeast.

Many thousands of years later, the fine art of winemakers and the skills of artisan cheese makers have given the world an endless variety of ways to enjoy these two ancient delights.

Smart Restaurant Marketing

Branding is an important business strategy for any restaurant, and your menu presentation plays a large role in reinforcing your desired brand image. Illustrations of wine, wine glasses, grapes and cheese on the menu background tells all customers that fresh, tasty food and beverages are about to be served.

In recent years, patrons at upscale cafés, bistros and restaurants have come to expect that menus should change frequently with the seasons. With the rise of using local foods, some of the most prominent restaurants in the country, such as Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse, feature daily menus depending upon the local harvest.

If you print your menus on a daily basis, consider utilizing menu stationary that is not only attractive, but affordable. When your menu stationery looks welcoming, cheerful, and sophisticated, a diner will naturally anticipate a pleasant and delicious meal.

In addition, featuring images of wine and cheese on the menu allows your wine list to shine. Printing a list of wines by the glass and by the bottle to go along with the menu encourages guests to enjoy wine with their meals – which helps you enjoy a greater bottom line.

Marketing Your Business

Once you’ve begun using wine and cheese stationery for menus and wine lists, it’s a good marketing principal to extend the use of this imagery to other aspects of your brand. Having a consistent look and feel in the marketplace helps reinforce who you are. It keeps your business connected to existing customers, as well as helps to entice new customers. Flyers, coupons and ads can all be printed on your special stationery. For example, are you bidding on a big catering job? Present your bid on stationery to impress that potential new client.

Other uses for charming menu stationery could include party invitations, featured wine and cheese lists, winemaker dinner announcements, or customer mailers. Before you know it, just the appearance of your signature stationery will signal a pleasant connection in your patron’s mind.

Wine and Cheese are Always Sure to Please

Although wine and cheese may have been happy accidents, making your dining establishment a success will likely come from hard work and making careful choices. Including this wine and cheese themed stationery is an excellent marketing strategy that will yield good results over time. Old favorites like wine and cheese that have been around for centuries will never go out of style and will continue to appeal to a wide audience.

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Bless Your Wedding Invitations Before Mailing

After you’ve put so much effort into creating and assembling your wedding invitations, you’re now ready to mail them. But addressing all of those envelopes may not be the last step you need to take. Before you trust your invitations to the postal service, why not have them blessed?

Having Your Wedding Invitations Blessed

BlessedIt’s natural for couples, particularly brides, to worry about whether or not their wedding invitations will arrive safely at their destinations, but you shouldn’t stress yourself out over the possibility. Instead, having your wedding invitations blessed and/or doing your visualization exercises will help you begin to relax until the response cards begin flooding your mailbox.

Having your invitations blessed is not difficult. You can contact your local clergy, perhaps even the person handling the ceremony for you, and ask to have them blessed. Wait until you’ve gotten all of the invitations ready to mail before you make the request, then bring all of them to the church or other religious location where you meet with your clergy.

In exchange for the blessing, you should consider making a small donation to the church or to an organization they support. The donation doesn’t need to be large, but you may want to include this in your wedding budget if you are just in the planning stages.

Another Way to Deal with Invitation Anxiety

Another way to make the waiting period a little easier is through visualization. Visualization is a very old practice which helps relieve stress and anxiety by basically “tricking” your mind into believing something that worries you has already happened or did not happen. For example, if you were scared of giving a public speech, you might imagine that you had given the speech and everything had gone well. Your mind thinks you really have, and you are able to start relaxing.

With your wedding invitations, you should do the same thing. However, imagine all of the invitations reaching their destinations safely. Picture your guests opening the envelopes and being delighted about your wedding. If you repeat this exercise frequently before and after you mail your wedding invitations, you’ll be able to relax and will have one less thing to worry about before the wedding.

Remember the goal of both the blessing and the visualization is to help you reach personal attainment before you send those wedding invitations in the mail. By taking those steps, you’ll be setting the right tone and putting the rest of your wedding on the right track for success.

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How to Plan a Memorable Bar or Bat Mitzvah Party for Your Child

Every special occasion deserves your undivided time and attention. Whether it is your first time organizing a sleepover or preparing for an upcoming holiday, throwing a memorable party is much easier than it looks, but it does require some prior planning. The smallest details can often make or break a child’s birthday event. Considering the importance both culturally and socially, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah Party is the last place where a parent wants to be caught off guard. Taking some precautions before the big day can help everything run smoothly come show time while making a lasting impression on your young son or daughter.

Gemälde (Öl auf Leinwand) von Oscar Rex - Bar MitzwaTransitioning Into Adulthood

A Bar or Bat Mitzvah symbolizes the transition into adulthood. Encourage your child to exercise their right to choose by making them a part of pre-party decisions. Not only will this give them the opportunity to select some of the things that truly make them happy, it will also give the young man or woman a feeling of accomplishment throughout the whole process.

Drawing Up a Guest List

Now is not the time to make amends with estranged family members. To avoid confrontation, only invite people who will add something special to the party. Make sure there is a healthy mix of guests. Your child’s friends and classmates are a crucial ingredient that will help ensure the party’s success. Guests can be from any faith. In fact, a big celebration is a great time to acquaint others with your religion.

Picking a Theme

A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a time to pull out all the stops. The event can be grandiose or small and intimate. It can be exclusively held for children or include a mix of guests from all age groups. It can take place outdoors, in a home, or rented venue. A wide range of colors are available to choose from and can help set the tone. Help your child pick a theme centered on their interests and then plan around it.

Some creative themes include:

Sports Events.

Pool Parties.

Mexican Fiesta.

Hawaiian Luau.

Fourth of July Barbecue.

• Hooray for Hollywood.

• A 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s Birthday Bash.

Casino Night.

• Asian Influence.

• A Walk through Paris.

• An African Safari.

• An Old West Showdown.

• And many, many more!

Hired Help

Depending on your level of involvement, you may want to enlist the help of others if you already have enough on your plate. Caterers offering a wide variety of cuisine can be found in the Yellow Pages or online. Videographers and DJs can be found this way as well. Make sure to meet in advance with anyone that you sign a contract with. This will prevent surprises and unnecessary heartbreak from happening. Clearly state your needs and don’t settle for less. You are under no obligation to use a person if they don’t conduct themselves professionally.

Planning an event in advance can save you both time and money. Use the skills that you learned with this occasion to inspire your next milestone event.

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