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Pool Party Invitations

Tweet Pool owners simply have no excuse not to give summer parties. After all, you have the perfect activity – literally in your own back yard. Even if you don’t have a pool of your own, many neighborhoods and apartment complexes with pools allow residents to rent the pool area for a private party. A […]
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Casino Party Theme, Invitations & Activities

Tweet Who to Invite Invite anyone who enjoys the casino atmosphere and will add life to your party! This is the type of party that is not limited to a small number of people. Invite as many as will fit in your home or party space! Remember that guests will be spread out throughout the […]
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Having a Beer Party to Celebrate Summer

Tweet Summer time may be a great time for sitting by the pool, getting a tan, or having a picnic, but it can also be a good excuse for enjoying a few cold beers with your friends. Whether you’re celebrating a vacation, one of several summer holidays, the end of your spring semester in college, […]
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What to Wear on Your Graduation Day

Tweet For 12 (in some cases more) seemingly never-ending years, you obediently went through the schoolyard quarrels, your first boy-girl party, your first date, the Prom, and now finally what you’ve always been waiting for – your Graduation day! This time you’re going to be wearing an outfit that your parents will finally approve of […]
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Career Guide After Graduation

Tweet Transitioning out of college can be both, an exciting as well as a scary experience. There are newer and tougher challenges to face, unwritten laws to be followed, unexplored opportunities for progress – and humiliation – in every nook and cranny. While recent graduates and most other college students are preparing themselves to become […]
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Promote Your Business with Graduation Open House Invitations

Tweet Do you plan to host a graduation open house for yourself or one of your children? It may not seem like it could work, but you can actually promote your business when you have an open house. You can start the promotion with something as simple as mention that the open house is being […]
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Graduation Thank You Cards: What to Write

Tweet You’ve received your diploma, thrown your cap in the air in triumphant celebration, and celebrated at your graduation party. Now you are left surrounded by gifts. This is a great scenario, except you are also left with the task of thanking each guest for their gift. If you follow the etiquette guidelines and wording […]
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Graduation Party Favors to match Graduation Invitations

Tweet There are certain milestones in a person’s life that mark a transition from one stage of life to the next, and graduation is certainly one of them. Even if it’s a graduation from kindergarten, it’s still marks an important transition, doesn’t it? Increasingly we’re seeing graduation celebrations from elementary school, junior high, trade schools, […]
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Traditional Graduation Party

Tweet The hardest part is over. Now you just need to plan your graduation party. Not to worry, we’ve got lots of great advice to get you through to a great party! Graduation Traditions and etiquette Not everyone knows what is exactly supposed to happen on graduation day. While you should consult your school for […]
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Creative Ideas for Kindergarten Graduation Announcements

Tweet Kindergarten graduation is an important milestone in every child’s life, when they graduate from being toddlers and become “big kids.” Kindergarten graduation is widely celebrated and acknowledged as a stepping stone to future achievement. Kindergarten Origins The first kindergarten opened in 1837 and literally means children’s garden, or a place where young children go […]
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