Sunflower Invitations for Your Garden Party

Sunflowers are adored all over the globe for their bright color and vivid symbolism. When sunflowers appear, it is clear that spring has arrived. Where did this glorious flower come from? How was the sunflower discovered? Discovering the answers to these questions will help you create the perfect sunflower inspired garden party.

From Far Away Lands

Sunflowers InvitationAncient Incan gods used to worship the sunflower whenever it would appear. The Incas believed that the sunflower was directly connected to the sun god, thus it deserved a vast amount of worship. When Francisco Pizarro stumbled upon this Incan ritual in Peru, he decided to bring some sunflower seeds with him to Europe.

Little did Pizarro know that sunflower seeds would become a popular salty snack…but that’s an entirely different story. Interestingly, sunflower oil became immensely popular during the 18th century (due to the fact that it was the one oil not prohibited during the religious Lent season), and sunflowers themselves started to sprout up amidst lavish gardens thereafter.

Today, the beloved sunflower is still high immensely popular. Out of all the flowers in the world, the sunflower seems to provoke thoughts of brisk spring days and sunshine. Now that you know a bit about the sunflower, you can start planning your garden party accordingly.

Peruvian Style

Here’s a clever thought – why not turn your backyard into a Peruvian oasis? Since the sunflower did come from Peru, adding some colors and touches from this area of the world would be quite fitting. Or, you can simply cover your garden in lots of lights, gauzy fabrics, and (of course) sunflowers.

Since the sunflower is loved by so many people, your guests will relish in the thought of being surrounded by these sun worshiping flowers. A garden party is a great way to welcome the spring, and it’s also a nice excuse to gather lots of loved ones together in an intimate setting.

All garden parties must begin with a carefully composed guest list. Think about your friends and family and who would enjoy meeting each other. The best parties are those that invite guests who have synergies and can become friends. Once that guest list has been shaped, you can send your invitations to set the tone for your exciting party.

Sensational Sunny Invites

Carry your sunflower theme into your invites by choosing stationery that showcases the sunflower. Watercolor sunflowers that decorate a rich orange and yellow background are perfect for your springtime gathering.

As the winter winds start to die down, spring begins to peek its fresh head from around those icy corners. Ushering in the spring with a sunflower inspired garden party is a great way to let go of those winter blues. As soon as your guests open up those sunflower invites, they will know that your event is going to be perfect.

Start sending out your garden party invites as soon as you see those sunflowers start to form. A perfectly crafted garden party is the best way to worship those sunflowers – just like the Incas used to do.

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