Happy Feet Invitations and Polar Expedition Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Want a “cool” way to beat the winter blues? Tired of missing out on all the fun because your child was born in the wrong season? Take off your earmuffs and listen to the good news! You too can host a rocking birthday party for your child, regardless of what time of year it may be. In fact, throwing a Happy Feet inspired polar expedition party would be a great theme for winter weather. Where else would you expect to see polar bears and penguins duel it out for the position of King of the Winter Wonderland? It is hard to keep snow from melting in 100 degree weather, so consider your child lucky for being born at the most wonderful time of year!

Happy Feet PartyCool Invitations Delivered To Igloos around the City

For a winter birthday party, select an invitation that is sleek and confident. Red bordered invitations featuring tuxedo clad penguins will get a lot of laughs from your guests. Or, you can excite your guests with a penguin-butler invitation, which will “serve” up smiles and enthusiasm for your child’s birthday party.

Pre-Migratory Preparations

Before you decide to migrate or go into hibernation, take the time to plan your black tie event entirely. One false move could cause you duress. If you are planning a continental excursion, ask other adults to pitch in. You can assign various tasks to your friends. Make one in charge of decorating. Recruit another to pass out refreshments.

Keep decorations simple and winter like. Paper snowflakes can be hung from the ceiling with Christmas ornament hooks and fishing line. Glitter crusted plastic icicles can be hung in doorways. Silver and gold can be used to accent different areas in your home.

Rent or buy a copy of the movie, Happy Feet or the Polar Express. Put the childhood favorite in the DVD player and have it playing in the background while the children wait to be served refreshments.

Exploring Antarctica

Host a scavenger hunt by using a stack of old magazines. Give children a list of items to find and then turn them loose. The boy or girl who finds all the things listed in the pages of the magazines wins a stuffed polar bear or penguin.

Chilly Refreshments

It doesn’t make sense to serve cold refreshments with snow on the ground. Use this time to bake up something hot and fresh to give your partygoers.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows or warm apple cider can be served in snowman covered coffee mugs. The mugs can be rinsed out and taken home as party favors.

Purchase an igloo shaped cake pan. Bake whatever flavor of cake your child enjoys most. Dust it in white powdered sugar to give it the appearance of being covered in snow. Make pine trees from frosting along the sides of the cake and press tiny Red Hots into them to resemble festive holiday ornaments.

From penguin inspired birthday invitations to igloo cakes, your feet will be dancing when you carry out a successful expedition like this one.

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