Tips for Using Black Envelopes for Your Business Announcements

The design of your business announcements is highly important, determining whether you will capture a customer’s attention – or simply lose their notice altogether. However, in addition to an eye-catching business announcement design, you should also remember what potential customers will see first: the envelope.

Reasons for Sending Business Announcements

business correspondence envelopesBusiness announcements are an easy way to advertise your business, and it’s almost as easy to find a reason to send them. If you are trying to entice existing and potential customers, you could announce a grand reopening, a special sale, or a friends and family exclusive sale for a retail business. If you sell services, you could host an open house or a customer appreciation party.

Adding a desirable person to your staff is also a great reason for sending a business announcement. If you are launching a new product or expanding to include new services, then announce it! All of these reasons can be announced and function as a reason to offer clients incentives for visiting your business, whether you offer a special discount or a free trial when clients bring in their announcement.

How Black Envelopes Can Enhance Your Business Announcements

If you are choosing your business announcement formats and are thinking about postcards because they are easy to mass-produce and cheaper to mail, think again. People get business announcement postcards daily, and most end up in the garbage. If you want yours to get noticed in the crowd, consider using black envelopes. Not only will they stand out in a sea of white, but will grab recipient’s attention long enough to warrant a look. As long as your business announcement is equally professional and eye-catching, you will probably secure a visit from that person.

Business Tips and Ideas for Using Black Envelopes

Black envelopes make a strong statement and can be viewed as traditional or modern, depending on the recipient’s interpretation. Black envelopes aren’t just for law firms and financial sectors, however, but can be used with any business – even a more feminine business such as a clothing boutique or a florist!

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui represents the positive and harmonious energy produced by wind and water. It is a practice that establishes harmony, comfort, and balance in your home or place of business and in your life. Likewise, yang is the active energy that complements the yin, or more passive energy. For example, if you own a spa, which is a peaceful, serene setting where people come to relax and improve their health, you might balance this peacefulness by using dramatic black envelopes. This will not only catch your customer’s attention, but encourage her to drop by for an appointment.

Similarly, if you’re a florist and want to incorporate Feng Shui into your business announcements and invite clients to a spring open house, black envelopes will help you achieve this goal. By balancing the black envelope with a simple white announcement featuring a single pink blossom, you will peak your clients’ interest and more people will attend your open house.

Consider adding drama with black envelopes balanced by a simple business announcement, and you’ll be on your way to increased business and achieving Feng Shui.

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