Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Invite Special Guests to a Bar Mitzvah!

A Bar Mitzvah is held as a Jewish tradition, celebrating the boy’s 13th birthday. In Jewish tradition, a male turning 13 is equated with “coming of age” and becoming personally morally responsible to God, rather than just to his parents. The first portion of the Bar Mitzvah is the service in the synagogue, followed by a lavish reception.

Bar MitzvahInvitations

The Bar Mitzvah is often likened to a lavish affair such as a wedding reception. Common attitude is that the boy will only turn 13 once, and it should be a celebration worthy of the occasion. Therefore, the invitations that are sent should be equally as formal and lavish. The engraved invitation will be the invited guest’s first notification of the coming sacred event. Be sure to include the location of the Bar Mitzvah, as well as the date and time. It is noteworthy to state that the Jewish tradition of celebrating boys coming of age at 13 and girls at 12 is changing. More frequently, both are celebrated at the age of 13.

Who to Invite

Anyone who has played a role in the life of the honoree (boy turning 13) should be included on the guest list. Religious leaders, teachers, family members, neighbors and friends will all want to take part in this special event. Similar to a wedding, the Bar Mitzvah is a time that people who have been a positive influence in the life of the child gather to celebrate the “coming of age”. At some Bar Mitzvah’s, time is provided to the invited guests to speak a few words about the honoree’s past years and to speak encouragement and words of wisdom regarding the coming years.


Given that the event is celebrating the coming of age, and bearing in mind Jewish customs and traditions, there are several appropriate gifts for a Bar Mitzvah. Books that are of a religious nature, such as biographies or instructional books are a traditional gift. Writing implements are also traditional gifts. Looking ahead to the future, high value is placed on education in Jewish culture. Therefore, it is appropriate to give gifts of educational books and magazines or savings bonds to use toward college. Monetary gifts are traditionally made in multiples of 18, in accordance with Jewish Customs.


Invited guests will arrive in the finest of apparel, as they would at a wedding reception. The décor should match the elegance of the guests. The use of china, crystal and stemware are all appropriate for this celebration. Fine linens should be used to cover the tables. Fountains of punch and chocolate become focal points in the room, as do the cake. Music and dancing are all a part of the reception portion of the celebration.

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