Is it Safe to Use Photo Cards as Sweet Sixteen Birthday Invitations?

Photo cards have jumped up in popularity, mostly due to the fact that digital cameras make it so easy for you to take a quality shot at home (or on vacation) without having to visit a photographer for a professional portrait. This led to photo cards with a more candid feel because people choose to include more casual photos. If you want to send photo cards as sweet sixteen birthday invitations, there are a few items of importance to know first.

Stay Safe By Taking Simple Precautions

Sweet 16 Photo InvitationsIt’s relatively unlikely that someone will see one of your photo card sweet sixteen birthday invitations and begin stalking, but these invitations feature your photo, name, age and address. The best defense against unwanted eyes prying into your sweet sixteen birthday party is to purchase lined envelopes to mail your photo card sweet sixteen birthday invitations. Most photo cards come with envelopes, but if they aren’t offered with the design you choose, purchase envelopes elsewhere, making sure they are the right size.

Have fun with the envelopes and choose a patterned liner that corresponds with your photo card sweet sixteen birthday invitation, choose colored envelopes or select both a colored envelope with a patterned liner.

Also, it’s best not to include a provocative photo. Even though you’re mailing your photo card sweet sixteen birthday invitations in envelopes, they eventually get opened by recipients and will probably be lying around or even transported in a purse or backpack. If your pose or photo is risqué, you could open yourself up to trouble.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Photo for Your Sweet Sixteen Birthday Invitations

Turning sweet sixteen is a great opportunity to include a photo of you doing something you love, either all dressed up or happy and casual. It’s best to choose the type of photo card sweet sixteen birthday invitation you want before choosing the photo. This way, you can possibly match a theme or take a new photo that corresponds with the theme or color scheme of your invitation.

For instance, if you’re planning a luau sweet sixteen birthday party and choose photo card sweet sixteen birthday invitations, you might include a windblown photo of yourself wearing a sundress and a lei at the beach. If you don’t live near the beach and haven’t visited recently, you can always dress up as if you were in Hawaii and take the photo against a beach backdrop, or if you know someone handy with photo editing software, have that person insert you in a beach background.

When taking or choosing the photo, it’s important to read the requirements for the photo card sweet sixteen birthday invitation you’re choosing and accordingly set the resolution so you’ll end up with a clear photo. You can also play around with making your photo black and white, sepia or use editing features like watercolor to turn yourself into a painting.

As long as you have fun, keep your photo choice appropriate for all audiences and mail your photo cards in envelopes, then you’ll truly be left with a special sweet sixteen birthday invitation that you will treasure forever.

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