How to Make Your Wedding Invitations Personal

Do you want an invitation that exudes your personality without draining your bank account? Can you not stand the idea of another blasé piece of stationery? You are in good company! By following the ideas in this article, brides-to-be can send out sensational wedding invitations at a price that they can afford. You do not have to sacrifice your style to personalize your wedding invitations at budget-friendly prices.

Building the Foundation for Wedding Invitations

Personalizing Your Wedding InvitationsAre you ready to get started planning your big day? Here are a few things to consider before you go shopping for stationery:

• Do you have a specific color or theme in mind?

• How many people are on your guest list?

• What does your budget look like?

• Do you want a classic or contemporary look?

Before buying your wedding invitations, ask yourself these questions. This will ensure that the range of wedding invitations you consider will be already suited to your style and budget.

Personalizing Your Wedding Invitations

Did you find wedding invitations with the perfect color, but not the right personalized flair? You can always jazz up your wedding invitations with creative components that showcase your personality. Here are some ways that a bride-to-be can liven up plain stationery:

• Add an embellishment, such as small seashells or vintage ephemera.

• Enclose a picture of the bride and groom.

• Paint it with watercolors.

• Tie it with ribbon.

• Include bellybands of differing textures or colors.

• Send the wedding invitations in unique vessels, such as a glass bottle or enclosed in a fabric box.

Color is the fastest way to brighten up stationery and to give it a signature look. Choose a color combination that is reflective of you and your wedding theme. For example:

• Love the movie Grease? Why not host a 1950s wedding complete with pink and black invitations?

• Is fall your favorite season? Announce your outdoor ceremony by sending out orange, brown, and gold colored invitations.

Use the Wording to Be Personal

There is much more to your wedding invitation than the paper itself. Remember, you can convey a personal message through the words that you choose to compose on your wedding invitations. Including witty phrases and word puns is a great way to put a smile on your guests’ faces.

Think about your theme and what type of wording would be appropriate. If you are holding a musically-themed wedding, then incorporate phrases from your favorite song. Or, for those holding a destination wedding in Hawaii, include references to “wedding aloha” and other Hawaiian words. For those who are literature enthusiasts, write your invitation in poem prose. You can truly convey your personality and interests through the words that you choose to pen on your wedding invitations.

Anything is possible when it comes to creating a unique wedding theme for you and your guests. Draw inspiration from events in your life, the personality of you and your fiancé, and your wedding’s theme to personalize any wedding invitation.

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