Housewarming Invitations

Hosting a Housewarming Party

Moving into a new home is such an exciting event. Why not show off your new place with a housewarming party? It’s a great way to let your friends and family see your new home and meet new neighbors, too. Many people resist having a housewarming party if they’ve moved far away from friends and family because they don’t know anyone. But, I think having a housewarming party is one of the best ways to meet your new neighbors and start building new relationships

Hosting a Housewarming PartyIt’s not necessary to wait until your home is in perfect shape, or until everything is unpacked, to have your housewarming. People understand that it takes a long time to get settled and they’re curious to see what the house looks like, even if everything’s not in tip top shape. And housewarming parties are typically very informal, so you can keep it simple and easy to put together. Check out for some great housewarming invitations. If you’re inviting a lot of people you don’t know, you might want to put “no gifts” on your invitations, to avoid neighbors you’ll be meeting for the first time feeling obligated to bring a housewarming gift.

Your home is the main attraction so you don’t need to plan for this party. Guests will be more interested in touring your house and getting to know you or catching up with you and other friends than in playing party games.

Tips for Making Your Housewarming Successful

Give good directions

Your friends in town haven’t been to your house before, so be certain they know how to get there.

Deliver invitations to new neighbors in person

Don’t put an invitation in the mailbox of a neighbor you’ve never met. Instead, hand-deliver it and introduce yourself. Many people will not show up if they’ve never even met you.

Offer Tours

If you’re married, you and your partner should split up, with one of you staying in the main area answering the door and mingling and the other offering tours of the home occasionally throughout the party. Most of the time housewarming parties are “drop in” events, so it’s better to either tour each guest as he/she arrives or every few minutes with all new arrivals. If you’ve made extensive changes to your home, you might want to post a “before” picture in each room so that guests can see your improvements.

Have food and drink, but keep it simple

People are not likely to eat or drink a lot at this type of party. Set up a “help yourself bar”, but also be sure to offer to make your guests a drink as they walk in (particularly if you’re just getting acquainted). Offer a variety of simple finger foods like chips and dips and if possible, a couple of your specialties. However, don’t feel obligated to offer a feast or to go all out with complicated appetizers.

A housewarming is a fun way to meet neighbors and show your home to old friends and family. It’s an instant way to make your new house feel just like home.

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