Luxury Yacht Birthday Party Experience With Cruise Theme Invitations

The fast and nimble yacht, today a symbol of prosperity and luxury, is the perfect place to host your birthday party. If you have any Dutch ancestors, then hosting your birthday on a yacht will be fitting, considering the Dutch are to thank for this popular pastime.

History of the Yacht

YachtThe Dutch invented yachting and developed the yacht, also spelled jacht or jagt, which comes from the Dutch word jagen, meaning to hunt or chase. The yacht was aptly named and originally referred to any small and fast three-mast and fully rigged vessel. Henry Hudson borrowed the yacht Halve Maan, or Half Moon, for his 1609 discovery voyage to North America.

The Dutch particularly preferred to arm yachts for battle. The Graaf Willem and Gloeyenden Oven participated in the first Anglo-Dutch War, lasting from 1652 to 1654. Later, warships grew in size and brigs and frigates took over for the smaller yachts during naval battles. Yachts were retained, however, as fast courier ships throughout the Napoleonic era.

Although boating for pleasure is as old as the Egyptian Pyramids, it was the Dutch who brought the concept of yachting to the masses in the late sixteenth century. Prior, it was reserved for royalty and the wealthy. The Dutch people enjoyed prosperity with the opening of trade with the Indies, and this translated to yachting simply for pleasure on the Netherlands’ many canals.

Cruise Into Your Next Year in Style

Even if you don’t personally own a yacht, there are many companies that offer charters complete with captain and crew. Choosing invitations with an elegant cruise ship or yacht will show your guests the scene of your party and set the mood. Whether you choose an elegant or more casual birthday celebration, a yacht will accommodate all your needs.

Party Ideas

There is always beautiful scenery aboard a yacht, no matter what time of day you select for your party. For an evening get-together, perhaps a cocktail party or a dinner cruise, send invitations featuring a brightly lit cruise ship aglow against the night sea. For an elegant yet enjoyable twist, tell everyone it will be a Gatsby-inspired cruise and ask guests to dress in their best Gatsby-esque 1920s attire. Ask the band to play music from the 20s and take everyone back in time for the evening.

You could elect to have your party in the afternoon, either serving a full lunch or just letting guests nibble on heavy hors d’oevres. Hiring a band to play background music can easily lend your party an elegant atmosphere. Depending on your guests, you could even set up a dance floor and have the band play your favorite dance songs.

You could opt for a brunch and, even if you want a more formal party, a yacht always provides the perfect backdrop. Ladies in beautiful dresses, men in light-colored suits sipping Bloody Mary cocktails and mimosas overlooking an azure sea will impress any guest.

Hosting your party on a yacht will create birthday memories worthy even of the Great Gatsby.

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