Western Wedding Invitations to Match Western Wedding Favors

Want to gallop off into the sunset with your fiancé by having your wedding in an authentic American Wild West tradition? Getting hitched with a western wedding flare gives you the perfect opportunity to carry your theme into all elements of your wedding planning. Round up family and friends for your western wedding by coordinating invitations and favors.

Choosing the Perfect Western Invitation

Yee-haw Invitations available at MyExpression.comOnce you have decided to tie the knot with a western flare, you must then choose an invitation design. Invitations can come in many colors, shapes, and patterns. Tans, off-whites, and muted greens are all good choices for traditional invitations. Sprinkle confetti with western themes, such as cowboy boots or deputy stars, into traditional invitations to spur your guests in the western direction.

However, if you are looking to make your invitations unique and exciting, try using patterns such as cow print to evoke thoughts of the prairie lifestyle among your guests. Prints can be used as a backdrop to the card with another layer containing the announcements in order to make sure the time and date are clearly stated.

Keeping with the Wild West tradition, horseshoes, cowboy boots with spurs, lassos, deputy stars, cowboy hats, and prairie flowers are all excellent choices for shaped invitations. Shaped invitations can still fit neatly into a rectangular or square envelope for delivery. Don’t forget to include an RSVP in your invitations. If you chose a shaped invitation, a miniature RSVP version will coordinate nicely with the overall presentation.

Matching Your Favors to the Invitations

Once you have chosen a color, pattern, and shape for your invitations, matching favors for your guests becomes easy! If you choose a shape for your invitations, such as a horseshoe or deputy star, try using the same shape when ordering chocolate molds. Western theme chocolate molds can also be used alongside with more traditional invitations in order to reinforce the western theme.

Coordinating your favors can be made simple by distinguishing between male and female favors. For the men, fill boot-shaped lager glasses with goodies such as cigars, decorative deputy stars, and chocolate favors with a western theme. Fill miniature picnic baskets with horseshoe shaped bath soaps or chocolate cowboy boots for the women.

Western Favors for the Wedding Party

Choosing favors for your wedding party can also coordinate with general wedding favors and the invitations. Providing your wedding party with cowboy hats not only adds an authentic feel to your ceremony, but also gives them a fun souvenir to remember your special day. Options for the groomsmen may also include belt buckles or authentic cowboy spurs to wear with their boots. For the bridesmaids, a memorable charm bracelet with dangles such as horses, stars, and lassos will keep the western spirit alive.

To provide an extra special treat for the bridal party, you can consider giving coupons for line dancing or horseback riding lessons to keep the western theme alive among your friends and family.

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