Wine and Cheese Stationery for Restaurant Menus

Did you know that both wine and cheese were discovered by accident? Perhaps this reason is why wine and cheese make a perfect match! These two perennial favorites appeal to adults of every age in many different cultures around the world.

A Brief Wine and Cheese History

wine and cheeseCheese was likely first created in the Middle East approximately 7,000 to 8,000 years ago. Milk was placed in goatskin containers for transportation, and it started to curdle due to the presence of rennet in the goatskin. Rennet is a natural enzyme needed to make cheese. By accident, one of modern cuisine’s cornerstones was born. The discovery of wine was much the same. Grapes that were stored in a container began fermenting in the presence of naturally occurring wild strains of yeast.

Many thousands of years later, the fine art of winemakers and the skills of artisan cheese makers have given the world an endless variety of ways to enjoy these two ancient delights.

Smart Restaurant Marketing

Branding is an important business strategy for any restaurant, and your menu presentation plays a large role in reinforcing your desired brand image. Illustrations of wine, wine glasses, grapes and cheese on the menu background tells all customers that fresh, tasty food and beverages are about to be served.

In recent years, patrons at upscale cafés, bistros and restaurants have come to expect that menus should change frequently with the seasons. With the rise of using local foods, some of the most prominent restaurants in the country, such as Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse, feature daily menus depending upon the local harvest.

If you print your menus on a daily basis, consider utilizing menu stationary that is not only attractive, but affordable. When your menu stationery looks welcoming, cheerful, and sophisticated, a diner will naturally anticipate a pleasant and delicious meal.

In addition, featuring images of wine and cheese on the menu allows your wine list to shine. Printing a list of wines by the glass and by the bottle to go along with the menu encourages guests to enjoy wine with their meals – which helps you enjoy a greater bottom line.

Marketing Your Business

Once you’ve begun using wine and cheese stationery for menus and wine lists, it’s a good marketing principal to extend the use of this imagery to other aspects of your brand. Having a consistent look and feel in the marketplace helps reinforce who you are. It keeps your business connected to existing customers, as well as helps to entice new customers. Flyers, coupons and ads can all be printed on your special stationery. For example, are you bidding on a big catering job? Present your bid on stationery to impress that potential new client.

Other uses for charming menu stationery could include party invitations, featured wine and cheese lists, winemaker dinner announcements, or customer mailers. Before you know it, just the appearance of your signature stationery will signal a pleasant connection in your patron’s mind.

Wine and Cheese are Always Sure to Please

Although wine and cheese may have been happy accidents, making your dining establishment a success will likely come from hard work and making careful choices. Including this wine and cheese themed stationery is an excellent marketing strategy that will yield good results over time. Old favorites like wine and cheese that have been around for centuries will never go out of style and will continue to appeal to a wide audience.

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