Bless Your Wedding Invitations Before Mailing

After you’ve put so much effort into creating and assembling your wedding invitations, you’re now ready to mail them. But addressing all of those envelopes may not be the last step you need to take. Before you trust your invitations to the postal service, why not have them blessed?

Having Your Wedding Invitations Blessed

BlessedIt’s natural for couples, particularly brides, to worry about whether or not their wedding invitations will arrive safely at their destinations, but you shouldn’t stress yourself out over the possibility. Instead, having your wedding invitations blessed and/or doing your visualization exercises will help you begin to relax until the response cards begin flooding your mailbox.

Having your invitations blessed is not difficult. You can contact your local clergy, perhaps even the person handling the ceremony for you, and ask to have them blessed. Wait until you’ve gotten all of the invitations ready to mail before you make the request, then bring all of them to the church or other religious location where you meet with your clergy.

In exchange for the blessing, you should consider making a small donation to the church or to an organization they support. The donation doesn’t need to be large, but you may want to include this in your wedding budget if you are just in the planning stages.

Another Way to Deal with Invitation Anxiety

Another way to make the waiting period a little easier is through visualization. Visualization is a very old practice which helps relieve stress and anxiety by basically “tricking” your mind into believing something that worries you has already happened or did not happen. For example, if you were scared of giving a public speech, you might imagine that you had given the speech and everything had gone well. Your mind thinks you really have, and you are able to start relaxing.

With your wedding invitations, you should do the same thing. However, imagine all of the invitations reaching their destinations safely. Picture your guests opening the envelopes and being delighted about your wedding. If you repeat this exercise frequently before and after you mail your wedding invitations, you’ll be able to relax and will have one less thing to worry about before the wedding.

Remember the goal of both the blessing and the visualization is to help you reach personal attainment before you send those wedding invitations in the mail. By taking those steps, you’ll be setting the right tone and putting the rest of your wedding on the right track for success.

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