How to Think Like a Wedding Invitation Artist/Designer

If you’ve spent much time looking through wedding invitation choices, you’ve probably discovered that too many of them don’t look very unique. After awhile all of those colors, designs, and fonts start to run together in a blur. That’s why more couples want to create something unique. Unfortunately, the average couple’s wedding budget can’t stretch enough to accommodate hiring an actual graphic designer or artist to create that unique look.

The good news is with a little imagination you won’t need to hire a professional. You can create your own unique invitations as long as you can learn how to think like an artist.

Understand the Artist Process

DesignerGenerally what would happen if you did hire an artistic professional is that you would meet with someone who has probably graduated from a liberal arts college with a degree in art or who has attended an art institute. You’d give them a general idea of what you wanted, and they would create some ideas for you to choose from. The choice you like the best would end up at your printer’s and would become the basis of your wedding invitations.

When you take out the professional, you simply find yourself brainstorming and implementing the ideas on your own. It might sound scary but it can also be kind of fun, too.

Ideas for Thinking Like an Artist

Here are some ways for you to start thinking like an artist so you’ll be able to brainstorm some amazing ideas for your unique wedding invitations:

1) Start seeing beauty in everything – Artists have a natural gift for noticing that everything has its own beauty. From the way the chair at your dining table is angled to the lone flower growing among a plot of weeds, artists can sense what is interesting to the human eye and mind. Most of us could do this to but because we don’t think of ourselves as artists we just roam through our day not paying attention to these little slices of beauty. To think like an artist, you need to force yourself to look around yourself every day.

2) Avoid conformity – The best art ever created was art that had never been done before. By taking risks and pushing the envelope, artists free themselves from the conventions of their craft and are able to create masterpieces others have never dreamed of. You may not be interested in painting the next Mona Lisa, but when you start forcing yourself to think outside the box you’ll start generating the fresh, unique ideas you want for your wedding invitation.

3) Allow yourself to make mistakes – Often an artist’s best work isn’t something that was planned. The idea may have started out one way but as the artist continued his or her craft it became something totally different and equally wonderful. That’s how art works sometimes. If you keep stopping every time something isn’t going the way you think it should, then you may never end up getting a finished product.

Remember as you start brainstorming ideas for your own invitations you need to begin following the steps above so you can begin thinking like an artist and, inevitably, creating like one.

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