Fabulous Fiftieth Anniversary Party Ideas for You and Your Guests

You honored your vows and loved each other through even the most difficult of times in the last five decades. You raised a beautiful family and sent them out into the world to seek good fortune and an endless amount of happiness for themselves. You left your job to pursue a lifetime of relaxation and leisure activities. You earned it, right? You put in your time, paid your dues, and have a strong, successful relationship with your spouse. What is there left for you to do? How about throwing an amazing 50th anniversary party for you and your loved ones?

Making It a Memorable Milestone

Fabulous Fiftieth Anniversary PartyCommemorating a milestone this large will take time and a few extra set of hands. Why not enlist the help of your children or other family members? No matter how big or small the task, having a team of ready and willing participants will cut down on costs and allow you the luxury of thinking outside the box. Assign a task to each person and make sure to follow up with them regularly. One person cannot do everything alone, so having the extra support will free up the time and resources necessary for throwing a one-of-a-kind event that everyone will enjoy.

Choosing Your Theme

A theme can be anything you would like it to be. If you love Hawaii but can’t afford to send everyone to the island, perhaps you can make it easier on yourself by holding a luau in your own backyard. Anniversary parties can mimic actual wedding receptions of any size or budget. Take the time to determine what is important to you and run some ideas by your spouse. If possible, try to combine two ideas into one to create a unique experience completely reflective of you.

Want a great conversation piece but don’t know where to look? Pictures of you and your significant other at different ages can be featured throughout the room. In fact, it is very easy to get life size photos made. You can visit a print shop and have your wedding photograph enlarged for very little money. Do the same with a current photograph and place the two next to each other. Delight in all the comments left behind by guests who view both pictures.

Set the tone. Play popular music from the era in which you got married. Dance the same way you did when you first met. Create a video tribute to your loved one and highlight your happiest moments together. Give extra copies to your children as a cherished keepsake.

Cast yourself in gold. Gold is the official color of 50th wedding anniversaries. Find a way to incorporate this precious metal into your theme. You can find a religious figure that will assist you in renewing your vows, and during the ceremony, you can lavish each other with gold watches or other forms of gold jewelry.

No party of this size can be complete without sharing a memory or two. Make your guests a part of the process by inviting them to attend your truly remarkable marital celebration!

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