Team Work Theme Inspired Invitations for Your Corporate Party

Throwing a corporate party can have a huge impact on your business. You can win new clients, secure orders for your new products or services, inspire increased loyalty from your current clients, or more. However, you want to be sure to send the right message to your guests before, during, and after your party in order to achieve that desired impact.

The question is what do you need to do while you’re planning this corporate party to ensure its success and the achievement of your larger goals whatever they may be.

Before the Party

Corporate PartyWhile you’re still planning the party, you want to choose invitations that convey a strong and positive impression about your business. Team work is definitely a good message to use. Clients want to work with businesses that have a team atmosphere in which the employees work together to get things done. Team work means fewer problems and less risk of something going wrong.

Some examples of corporate party invitations that convey the all-important team work theme, include Toasting People, Party People, or Golf Feet.

During the Party

Once the party starts and your guests have arrived, you want to take the opportunity to re-emphasize your overall message without being too obvious. One way is to put the spotlight on a great example of team work from your staff. During the celebration, you may want someone to make an announcement congratulating a team for some amazing accomplishment – this not only proves that your company is dedicated to team work but also shows your guests that your team is successful. Remember people like to do business with successful people.

While spreading the message is important, you don’t want to go overboard when you’re actually communicating with your clients at the party. If they feel a sales pitch coming on, they’ll sit down their martini and be out the door like lightning. Remember to be subtle or avoid direct conversations about business.

After the Party

When the last song has been performed and the refreshment bowls are nearly empty, your guests will begin filing out of the location and returning home. That doesn’t mean your corporate party efforts should be considered finished.

To make the most of the good feelings your party hopefully established, give each of your guests a personal call the next business morning. Hopefully, you’ve thrown the party on a Friday or Saturday night so your guests will have had a chance to recover before heading into work. Start the conversation friendly enough: “Hey, I hope you had a great time at the party.” Once you’ve finished the small talk, you can work on scheduling a meeting to make an actual presentation to secure new work or to achieve other business goals.

Another idea is to drop by their office in person with a handshake and a small after-party gift, such as some fresh fruit, a fresh latte, etc. While the in person benefit may take more time, it’s going to generate better results – it’s harder to say “no” to someone in person than over the phone, especially if you’ve just been partying with them a night or two earlier.

By following these before, during, and after communication strategies, you stand a much better chance of achieving your goal.

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