Thank You Notes for a Surprise Party

Your surprise birthday party was a “Kodak Moment” to say the least! Your friends and family described the look on your face as one that will keep them smiling for years. Unaware that you were the Guest of Honor at your very own surprise party, you mimicked the “deer caught in headlights” look perfectly. It was downright embarrassing how unprepared you actually were for that moment. Being the good sport that you are, you decided not to run and hide, but instead opted to put on a party hat and join in on the festivities.

Now that the streamers have fallen and the last helium-filled balloon has deflated, you have a big task at hand. How will you ever be able to repay everyone for taking part in your extra special surprise party?

Shhh SurpriseThe Importance of Thank You Cards

Sending Thank You cards is a great way to acknowledge your guests and to let them know how much you appreciated them being a part of your big celebration. Most of these guests had to keep your party a secret, which is no small feat!

You may also want to include a small gift with the Thank You card for the host who planned your surprise extravaganza. Surprise birthday parties are typically much more difficult to plan than the traditional festivities, and you can show your appreciation with kind words and a small present to the host.

As you are writing a Thank You note for a creative surprise party, you can enjoy flexibility in the stationery you choose. Of course, you can always pen your notes of appreciation on your personal stationery, but you can also use “surprise” invitations or ones that feature balloons as a backdrop to your words of thanks.

How to Address and Send the Cards

Make sure that you send your Thank You notes as soon as possible, ideally within one week of the party. You want to make sure appreciation sounds genuine, instead of an afterthought that comes months after the party.

Obtain the guest list from whoever hosted the party and address the cards accordingly. Don’t make the mistake of leaving anyone out. Send one card for each couple or family. Enclose pictures of the event for an extra special memento. Perhaps you can include a photo of your surprised face, as well as one that features the guest.

If possible, make each message personal by addressing the couple or members of a family by first name. For example, use “Jack and Jill,” or “Bill, Suzie, Chris, Michael, and Janie.” Mention their role in making your party a success. Note how much you appreciate any gifts they may have given you. Also let them know how much you look forward to your next birthday, or perhaps celebrating their upcoming birthday date together.

A gracious individual knows how much of an impact a simple gesture like sending a Thank You card may have on a person. Mind your manners and send a Thank You note to each guest – and you may enjoy surprises for many years to come!

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