Choosing the Right Embellishments for Wedding Invitations

Whether your invitations are formal or informal, you’re probably not going to send them out without adding a little flair. One of the most common wedding invitation embellishments is a satin ribbon, usually chosen to match the wedding colors or to accentuate one of the primary colors in the invitation. However, there are other choices available.

What to Look for in Invitation Embellishments

Lace Black Pocket InvitationsWhen you pick embellishments, you want to choose something that makes a subtle statement. Anything too gaudy, big, or showy is going to distract people from the beauty of your actual invitations – that’s not what you want. You simply want to enhance the invitations.

You could consider choosing embellishments which carry on the theme of your invitations. For example, if your invitations include a flower print, you could choose a pressed flower, a flower charm, or even a miniature artificial bouquet. If you have a certain color theme on your invitations, then you could include ribbons or pressed flowers in matching colors.

If you have formal invitations and want to add a very small touch of elegance, you could choose adhesive diamontes or clear rhinestones. These tiny sparkling diamonds can be placed on the invitation or even on the envelope. They add an eye-catching effect without detracting from the traditional beauty of the classic invitation.

Another type of embellishment which works for most invitation styles is the heart or the double hearts. You can use heart clips or even adhesive double hearts to accentuate your invitation and symbolize your love.

If you want something more traditional for embellishments, consider keeping it simple. Translucent sheets, overlays, and ribbons work nicely with almost any style of invitation.

Where to Find Embellishments

Of course, these are only a few ideas. You might be surprised at how many choices you truly have when it comes to embellishments if you know where to look. The first place you’re going to look is at your printer’s. Some printers do have embellishments you can order for your invitations. In fact, many printers will assemble the invitations, including the embellishments, for an extra price.

However, the selection available at printers – if they offer embellishments at all – will undoubtedly be limited. A better way to search for ideas is the Internet, especially if your creating your own unique wedding invitations. For example, if you purchase high quality stationery for your invitations, consider checking the vendor’s supply of embellishments first. They may have the perfect addition available.

Other Embellishment Tips

When you finally decide on embellishments, make sure you order a sufficient number. Just as you would order extra invitations, envelopes, or paper in case of mistakes, you should plan ahead when you order embellishments. You’ll end up saving time and money.

Once you receive all of your materials, do not procrastinate assembling your invitations and adding your embellishments. You may be surprised at how long this process takes, even if you call in your wedding party to assist. Because getting your invitations in the mail in a timely fashion should be your top priority, give yourself plenty of time. Plus, addressing those envelopes is not something you want to rush – if you’re rushing to beat a deadline you’re more likely to make mistakes.

Most importantly, remember your embellishments – like every aspect of your wedding – should be chosen because they are a reflection of your personality as a couple. If you keep that in mind while you make your choice, you’re more likely to select an embellishment you love.

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