Fast and Practical Invitations for Informal Business Meetings

Informal Business MeetingsHosting a business meeting and want to send out a set of physical invitations? You have good options for professional but simple invitations.

These days so much business correspondence is conducted by e-mail or other quick electronic messaging systems. In a single work day employees may receive dozens of important e-mails – or even more. They constantly have to prioritize which e-mails require their immediate attention and which can wait to be dealt with later. As a result, many messages tend to get lost in the mix. If you are hosting a business meeting, for any purpose at all, sending out physical invitations is a good way to make sure that everyone knows they are invited. The invitation will sit out in plain sight on a desk or pinned to a bulletin board, fresh and visible to the recipient.

Attention Grabbers

Sending out actual invitations is also a great way to set the tone for your meeting. E-mails all look more or less the same, but even a simple invite can be designed with a certain effect in mind. An informal business meeting will get the attention of all those who are asked to attend if they are invited by paper invitation. To further grab attention you might try using a color other than white, or picking a large, bold font for the most important details. Compared to e-mail, invitations offer a huge array of possibilities in how you present each element.

No doubt you are very busy with your own work, and an informal meeting is not a monumental event, so naturally you want these invitations to be very quick and simple to create. There are two great options available depending on your preferences and needs.

Fill-In Invitations: If you meeting only has a small number of attendees, use cards where you can fill in the information yourself. Writing the invitations by hand will give them a personal touch, and this option also allows you flexibility since none of the information is in print until you put it there. These are great to have on hand for anything that comes up.

Flat Invitations for Laser/Inkjet Printer: If you have a larger group, are pressed for time, or have a lot of information to present, then flat invitation cards are the perfect choice. These can easily be run through a printer to efficiently include the pertinent information. Most printers should be easy to adjust to get the parameters correct, and then you are good to go. It is just as painless to print out 200 as it is to print out 10, but by creating these invitations it will really show that you have put time and thought into your business meeting.

Invitations vs. E-mails

Don’t just send another e-mail that will be forgotten beneath the daily deluge of work messages and memos. For your next meeting capture the attention of your invitees with a paper invitation. Whether you choose to fill in the information or print them out with your office printer, it’s a simple and savvy alternative.

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