Unique Stationery for Your Music Concert

Jazz or classical, rap or rock, gospel or country, when it comes to music, there are so many different choices to explore. Listening to music on the radio, a CD or an MP3 player is a part of everyday life. Attending an event where live music is playing has become less common. Perhaps the unique experience of live music is what makes a concert performance such a special occasion. Parades, nightclubs, concert halls, school auditoriums and arenas attract fans who all want to hear live music with their own ears.

Knowing about the infinite variety of music the world has to offer is part of a well-rounded education. It can also be a great source of fun, no matter your age or background.

MusicianMusical Trivia from the Past

Favorite types of music aside, there are some musicians whose reputations are so large that they become icons. For example, beloved baroque master Johann Sebastian Bach was a prolific composer. Were you aware he was a prolific father as well? He was the proud papa of no less than twenty children, some of whom also became famous composers and musicians themselves.

Child prodigy Mozart began performing and composing music at the age of five. He produced an astonishing amount of work in his short 35years of life. Much of his work was composed while playing the game of billiards late at night when he had trouble sleeping.

Top-Selling Modern Musical Favorites

New artists take the music world by storm every year. However, it might surprise you to learn that the top-selling musical artists in modern times are hardly new. If you like The Beatles, Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra, you are in good company. Each of these legends has sold more than 500-million recordings, and that number continues to grow.

But there’s just nothing like seeing a live musical performance. Even genres that may not be widely popular can be highly enjoyable when a musician really connects with a live audience.

Concert Promoting

Are you a piano teacher with an upcoming recital? Is the school band director your gig? Perhaps it’s your job to promote the concert-in-the-park series for your city, or there’s a church choir fundraiser you’re running. From the high-school jazz band to that hot new club, musical artists share the common need to promote performances.

Selecting efficient methods to promote your concert means finding ways to create excitement and interest without spending lots of resources. Using stationery with a musical theme that includes a border of percussion instruments or string instruments sets the mood for your concert information. Send invitations to parents, potential sponsors and the media on musically-inspired stationery and create a buzz. A good invitation is hard to resist.

Get the word out about the big show by creating a custom mailer on your music-inspired stationery. Create colorful souvenirs for students and their parents by printing the concert program too.

Music is a universal medium that unites people from all walks of life. Make your concert or performing arts event a show that will be remembered.

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