Fun Bridal Shower Games to Include in Your Bridal Shower Invitations

If the bride is a game-lover, then you’ll definitely want to feature some fun bridal shower games to break the ice and liven up the bridal shower. An even more creative way to get guests excited and involved in the bridal shower is to include bridal shower games with your bridal shower invitations.

Themed Game Ideas Perfect for Bridal Shower Invitations

Bridal Shower UmbrellaIf you’re planning a themed bridal shower, then your bridal shower invitations likely showcase this theme so that every guest will instantly comprehend the overall purpose of the bridal shower. For example, if you’re hosting a kitchen bridal shower, then your bridal shower invitations probably depict a bride in a kitchen, for example, or feature a border of kitchen utensils.

If you want guest participation in a bridal shower game, then you could easily ask guests to write their favorite recipe to share without including their name. As the guests arrive, you can collect the recipe cards in a kitchen pot (which would function as a gift for the bride as well). Later, the recipes could be pulled out and the titles read, and the bride would try and guess who brought it the recipe. At the end, the bride gets plenty of new recipes to try and a new pot to cook them in!

For a scrapbooking bridal shower theme, you could ask guests to bring along one embellishment that reminds them of the bride (and isn’t too big to be attached to a scrapbook page). You could provide a large piece of scrapbooking paper (or two, depending how many guests are invited), scissors, tape, glue and an embellishment of your own. The bride will be in charge of bringing a photo of her and her fiancé for this activity. Then, gather everyone together and take turns describing why a particular object was chosen and then attach them to the scrapbooking paper to make a personal and memorable collage that the bride can then take home.

General Bridal Shower Game Ideas

If you’re hosting a general bridal shower without an overt theme, then you can choose a game that the bride will enjoy and one that will be fun for everyone invited. It’s important to choose games that won’t make people feel uncomfortable.

For example, a good ice breaker is to ask guests in the bridal shower invitation to bring a baby photo along. Then, at the shower, people will have to guess which picture belongs to which person. You can provide paper and pencil, and the person who has the most correct guesses can win a prize. For a group that is already well-acquainted, consider enclosing a colorful index card that complements the bridal shower invitation color scheme and asking each guest to write down two truths and one lie about themselves, but all three should sound outrageous. You can even give a theme, such as romance. Then, at the shower, guests will read their cards and the group will decide what’s true and what’s a lie.

Including directions for a portion of a bridal shower game not only encourages guest participation, but plants a seed of anticipation for each guest and will help make this bridal shower extra special.

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