Hollywood Party Invitations

Host Your Own Hollywood Oscar Bash

If you’re a movie buff, hosting an Oscar party is fun. It’s an easy party, too, since all the activity is automatically provided. So, get out your address book and make a guest list for your own Oscar bash. Check out the invitations online at MyExpression.com. My favorite for an Oscar party is the Film Reel invitation. Here are some tips to get you going:

Make it formal

Academy Awards PartyIt’s really fun to have a formal Oscar party, where your guests can dress as glamorously as the nominees themselves. Mail invitations about 3 weeks ahead, so that guests have time to plan an elegant outfit. Put a red carpet (a red blanket or fabric remnant is fine) in your foyer and take pictures of your guests as they arrive.

Be certain everyone has a good view of the television

Plenty of seating and a big and very visible television are musts for this party.

Have a few activities

Though most of the evening will be spent watching the awards show, have a couple of activities planned for lulls. Make an Oscar ballot, listing all of the categories and nominees and let guests pick the winners in each category. Keep track of the actual winners and have a prize (perhaps a plastic Oscar statue) for the person who got the most correct guesses.

Another good activity for Oscar night is to make a play list of music from movies. Not only does it make great background music for the evening, but it makes for a great trivia game. Let guests guess from which movie the song is.

You can also create an Oscar trivia game pretty easily. Ask questions like “Who was the oldest Oscar winner?” “Which movie won the most Oscars?” Questions and answers are easy to find online.

Pick an elegant menu

If your guests are going to be in gowns and tuxedos, you should give them an elegant menu. A sit down dinner is not required, but some elegant hors d’oeuvres will be in keeping with the theme. If you’ve got the budget, caviar is a nice addition.

An open bar is also in keeping with how the celebrities party on Oscar night. If you don’t want to offer such a large selection, consider offering a signature drink (martinis are nice) along with beer and wine. Don’t forget the non-alcoholic drinks for your non-drinking guests.

Add a little glitz

Silver serving trays and flower arrangements placed on mirrors, will add a touch of glamour to your home. Also, consider visiting your local movie rental store and ask if they’ll give you old movie posters. Most are glad to oblige, since they throw them away when they’re finished, anyway. Put the posters up around your home, and you’ve got instant “Hollywood”.

An Oscar party is fun and simple to host. And, it’s a bit off the beaten path, so it’s not likely that your guests will be booked for the evening. One year of hosting the Oscar party and you may want to make it an annual event.

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