Using Invitation Cards to Announce Your Cooking Recipes

If you are a chef or involved in the restaurant and food industry, listen up! There is a great, creative way to promote your savory new concoctions. When you have a new recipe that you want to share, just print it up on invitation cards and send them out! It’s a simple, fun, and interesting way to disclose your new culinary secrets.

For Chefs

Cooking RecipesThere is no need to be private with your recipes. Shout it out that you have created something new and delicious. Get your name out there and start building a reputation for yourself. Sharing your recipes will put your food into stomachs and your name on lips. It’s a great and incredibly easy way to self-promote. Give others the opportunity to try cooking up your recipes in their own kitchens – if they are successful then they will be sure to cook it up for their own friends, and pass your name along as the talented inventor. Of course, if they can’t quite capture the flavors as well as you, that is just more credit to your expertise as a skilled chef. You can send these greeting cards however and to whomever you want – keep it intimate with just close friends and family, or work on building a professional reputation by sending it out to restaurants and industry professionals.

For Restaurants

People have to eat and you want to keep reminding your valued customers that they should have their next meal at your restaurant! Recipe invitation cards show creative flare in your business. The mouth-watering ingredients will entice eaters to come in and try out the new dish – a picture of the finished food won’t hurt either. Also, the transparency demonstrated in your willingness to share recipes will be appreciated by your customers. People like to know what they are eating and to feel included in the process of creating the meals they eat. If they like the recipe enough to try it at home, then they will always have that recipe card with your restaurant’s name on it.

For Anyone!

You don’t have to be a professional to share your new recipes. Using invitation cards is a great way to spread your recipe across your whole family and create a new family tradition. Or perhaps you have a group of friends that you don’t get to see as often as you like – start a new trend of sending out recipes as a way to keep in touch. Since your lives are so busy, everyone is sure to appreciate learning how to prepare a quick and healthy new meal, or how to cook a dish that will be gobbled up by even the pickiest child diner. Just think how good it will feel next time you talk to a friend and she tells you how much she loved the recipe you sent!

Whether you are a chef, a restaurant owner, or an amateur cook, using invitation cards to announce your new recipes is a simple way to show off the culinary delights you have to offer. Promote your name, attract diners, or keep in touch with friends. Hopefully it will even inspire you to get in the kitchen and starting creating more!

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