Getting Started with Wedding Anniversary Invitations

Like wedding invitations, anniversary announcements vary in size, shape, color, pattern, and cost. Couples have their choice of every style imaginable, including monogrammed, scalloped, self-mailing, embossed, photo enclosing, and more! Traditional imagery includes flowers, wedding bells, leaves, hearts, and champagne bottles. For an even more modern card, couples can opt to have a picture of their wedding day printed onto the paper.

No matter what the anniversary, truly unique stationery can make it even more special. For that reason alone, celebrating couples should take the time to learn what it takes to select, address, and send a commemorative party invitation the proper way.

Red Vines Shimmer Wedding Invitation KitHumble Beginnings

Love is a mysterious phenomenon that grows with time. Why not share your cherished memories of your spouse with close friends and family members? You can turn any anniversary event into a night to remember by planning ahead as far in advance as time allows. This is especially important if you have to make special arrangements in order to get your invitations delivered in time.

Be Creative with Your Anniversary Invitations

You and your soul mate are special – and you can reflect your uniqueness in your anniversary invitations. Include a black and white photo from your wedding day in the invitation, or an image that shows both of you pursuing your passions together, such as a picture of the two of you skydiving. You could enclose a small flip book of 10 images that commemorate the life you have led together, and this is a gesture that your guests will love.

Gather All the Necessary Supplies

Once you have received the invitations in the mail, take the time to organize your supplies before inscribing any messages on them. Get a copy of your guest list, complete with the name and mailing address of everyone you plan on inviting to the party. Locate a good black or blue ink pen that writes smoothly.

Purchase a roll of unique stamps from the post office before deciding to address the envelopes. A variety of love themed self adhesives are available online. A first class stamp should be sufficient, but if your card is odd shaped or weighs more than ounce, more postage will be required. If you’re not sure that you are within the guidelines, take the wedding invitations inside to a clerk who will be more than happy to weigh them for you.

Address each invitation slowly. Be careful when writing the name, date, time, and place on each invitation. A smudged address will only confuse your guests. Once complete, place the card in its envelope and set it aside to be mailed.

Mailing all invitations together is the best way to avoid hurt feelings. You do not want any friends or family members to feel left out. Taking the time to avoid any conflicts will ensure that you have a happy cousin or daughter-in-law.

Being creative and polite in your anniversary invitations will excite your guests, who shall be honored to celebrate your life together as soul mates!

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