Fill-in-the-Blank Wedding Cards for Busy Couples

In today’s world of fast food, fast cars, and fast Vegas style weddings, fill-in-the blank invitations are a godsend to busy couples with limited time and resources. Unable to personalize each and every wedding announcement, the future bride and groom sit down with guest list in hand and churn out dozens of invitations in the time it takes to wash and dry a load of laundry. Not only do the lovebirds free up more time to spend together, they eliminate an unnecessary area of stress that can interfere with their marital bliss.

Couple ordering wedding invitations onlineBetween the time that they lose in traffic, the time that they spend at work, the semesters that they take in school, and the extracurricular activities that they commit themselves to after work, most soon-to-be married people find it hard to squeeze another minute into their already busy lives. Men and women look for shortcuts and ways to make things easier – and fill-in-the-blank wedding cards fit the bill perfectly.

How to Prevent Unnecessary Headaches

Fill-in-the-blank cards save time and money. Designed with the time deprived in mind, the easy-to-use design eliminates the frustration of trying to find just the right words at a time where every minute is crucial.

Pre-printed lines give couples a place to write their names, the date of the ceremony or reception, the time and location of where it’s being held, and driving direction for out-of-town guests.

Different Kinds of Invitations to Fit Your Wedding Needs and Theme

There are a variety of styles available for fill-in-the-blank wedding invitations. Soon to be husbands and wives can customize the invitations in numerous ways. They can add a photo, a monogram, or an embellishment to any color or pattern that they choose. They can even purchase wedding themed stamps from their local post office to give each envelope an added touch.

Problems with the Fill-in-the-Blank Cards

The problem that exists with this kind of invitation has to do with its design. The lines are small, which limits the amount of information that can be printed on each card. This can lead to confusion because some guests require more detailed instructions than others. Taking into account the members of the wedding party who need this kind of information will help the happy couple to decide if fill-in-the-blank wedding invitations are right for them.

Where to Fill-in-the-Blank Stationery

These specialty cards are available online. Boxes of the practical wedding invitations range in price but can be purchased to fit any budget. For the amount of time that they save, many people consider them priceless.

Choosing the right kind of stationery can not only save a couple precious time, but it can also set a theme and inform guests of any special news they might need to know. Based on the information written on the fill-in-the-blank cards, partygoers will know what type of attire is required, the length of the celebration, and what kinds of gifts would be appropriate. If you are a modern, busy couple, fill-in-the-blank cards give you more time to spend with your soul mate!

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