A London Inspired New Year’s Eve Bash

London is to England what New York City is to the United States. A perpetual hub of activity on any given day of the year, the Great Britain tourist destination delivers a truly memorable experience on New Year’s Eve. A spectacular ten minute fireworks show can be viewed from the banks of the River Thames. Excited spectators must arrive early to secure a place because the annual event draws a crowd of over 100,000 people. Those who opt to stay home can watch the televised event on the BBC.

jolly blokeBasing their good fortune in the hands of their first guest, Brits ask that the male to bring gifts to celebrate the New Year. Traditional items include: coal for the fire, a loaf of bread for the table, and a bottle of drink for the host or hostess. Although the guest enters through the front door, he must leave through the back of the house. The backdoor is also reserved for guests who do not bear any gifts and party crashers alike.

Planning an Event that Will Have Everyone Saying Cheers

“Cheers!” is a common phrase used by residents of the United Kingdom and it should serve as inspiration for your get-together. Bring the comforts of home to your new country of residence by hosting a London Themed New Year’s Eve Party and invite all of your new friends. Share recipes, traditions, songs, and the general atmosphere of one of the world’s hottest destination spots with the people that you care the most about.

Leave your passport at home! Send out a great British-inspired invitation featuring Big Ben, the British Flag, the Royal Crest, and the city skyline.

Brit Speak

Teach your guests a thing or two by using slang that is unfamiliar to them. In fact, print up sheets of common phrases used by the English and use them as placemats. Your friends will learn a British phrase or two while waiting for their dinner to be served. In fact, call everyone by the oh-so-affectionate “chum” or “mate” throughout the event and see if they catch on.

More Creative than Traditional Fish and Chips

Why not serve dinner in place of appetizers? Depending on the number of people invited, whipping up authentic British cuisine is easy. Serve Cornish Pastries, Beef Stew and Suet Dumplings, Prawn Cocktails, Rock Cakes, and Yorkshire Pudding.

Keep plenty of drinks on hand to wet the whistles of your thirsty crowd. A well stocked bar contains a variety of liquors, fruit juices, sodas, and mineral waters. Make sure everyone has a designated driver before serving them a drink containing alcohol in it. That is part of being a responsible host or hostess.

At the Stroke of Midnight

Locate or create a CD containing the sound of Big Ben as it chimes. Put it in a player and ring in the New Year. Prior to celebrating, give everyone at the party a hat and a noisemaker.

Even a novice can host a party that would make his or her Mum proud. Start with British-inspired party invitations, and you can set the right New Year’s tone for all your mates!

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