Choosing Colors for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah and your Invitations

Color can be used to evoke emotion. For example, visually stimulating, the colors red and yellow radiate warmth and happiness. Certain color combinations may remind a person of a particular kind of animal or sports team. Pastel colors are typically reserved for girls while darker colors like navy, grey, and brown are often worn by and marketed to boys.

Color plays a part in every theme party. Choosing the right colors for your son’s Bar Mitzvah or daughter’s Bat Mitzvah is every bit as important as selecting the right cake or DJ. It is up to you to convey the theme in every way.


A World Full of Color

Some sample color combinations include:

• Pink and black make a great backdrop for a 1950s Sock Hop.

• Black and white can help represent a zebra or African Safari Theme.

• Gold, orange, yellow, and brown are great colors to use in the fall.

• Yellow and black can represent New York City taxi cabs.

• Black and silver are a hit with the A-List celebrities at a Hollywood Themed Party.

• Orange and black are happening Halloween colors.

• Invite your guests to show their patriotism by using red, white, and blue throughout the event.

• Any color combination can be used to represent a favorite sports team.

• Baby blue and silver can give emphasis to an ocean theme.

• Black and white can give a 1960s Party a hypnotic, checkerboard feel.

• Red and yellow are great for a Big Top Event.

• Iridescent colors really shine in outdoor settings.

Ways to Use the Colors That You Picked Out

There are several ways to use the colors that you selected. Here are some examples:

• Invitations. Select stationery that features the colors and plays well into your theme. Often, you can find the right invitations that include imagery that is appropriate for your theme. Ask your child to interject their feedback, as this is their rite of passage after all. The right kind of invitation will determine a party’s success.

• Decorations. Colorful centerpieces, large helium balloons tied with ribbons, crepe paper streamers, and tablecloths are easy ways to incorporate the theme colors into your party décor.

• Flower Arrangements. Nearly every color in the world can be represented by one type of flower or another. If a vivid blue flower does not exist, ask a florist to dye a white carnation to match a tablecloth or piece of fabric.

• Your Child’s Party Outfit. Whether store bought or custom made, the easiest way to let color play a role in the party is through your child’s clothing. Shopping for the right outfit can be lots of fun and really grab people’s attention throughout the party.

You don’t have to be a professional party planner to know how important choosing the right color combination can be to set a tone. Consult a magazine or even look in the paint section of a hardware store for inspiration. You never know what you may find!

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