Planning Ultimate Happy Ending Retirement Party

Retirement is a new beginning. A retiree’s days will be filled with hobbies, activates and tasks that they enjoy. No more waking up early for work, no more long days and no more of the daily hassles of the office. While it is important to celebrate the new start of retirement, it is also important to recognize the happy ending of some of the daily work annoyances that the retiree won’t have to deal with anymore

Smashing the alarm clock

retired coupleAs you are toasting the guest of honor make sure you recognize the things they won’t need anymore since they’re not working. As a fun, symbolic gesture, have them figuratively – or literally – smash their alarm clock. Since they won’t have to get up for work anymore, they won’t need their alarm clock. Wrap the alarm clock in a blanket or towel and give the retiree a hammer and smash away. An alarm clock retirement invitation can start this fun theme.

Say goodbye to neckties

The retiree won’t be wearing those ties he had to wear every working day. Hold a bonfire and get rid of those pesky ties. As the retiree burns their ties, they can recall all the things they won’t miss. Invite other retirees to join in the fun, too. Just make sure you’re not breaking any rules with your bonfire. If your location doesn’t allow you to have an actual fire, maybe you can cut up the ties as you make your toast to the guest of honor. Either way, this symbolic gesture will keep your guests laughing. When you send out retirement invitations, ask guests to bring along a tie to add to the pile.

Driving golf balls instead of driving in traffic

If the retiree is an avid golfer, consider holding your retirement party on a golf course or driving range. This will not only hit home with the retiree who loves to golf, but you can draw on themes of driving – – celebrate the end of driving to work in traffic, celebrate a new retired life of driving golf balls, etc. Pick a golf-themed retirement invitation to get your ‘driving’ party off to a great start.


As you celebrate the happy ending of your colleagues working life, don’t forget to recognize their accomplishments. This may take some research as you should be prepared to list some specific achievements. Beyond how many years of service they’ve had with the company, find out how many cases they worked on, how many clients they helped, how much money they saved the company over the years. Ask for some input with your RSVPs on your retirement invitation. Every person and company will have different successes so do your homework for a personal and thoughtful tribute.

Retirement gag gifts

Tasteful gag gifts can be a great way to commemorate a retiree’s happy ending. Choose gifts that will make a humorous transition from working world to retirement. A funny retirement button or tee shirt might be just what the guest of honor needs after many years of hard and rewarding work. Make sure you know your audience, as you don’t want to offend anyone. Let guests know they should plan on bringing a gag gift with a note on your retirement invitations. Typically, it is not polite to mention gifts on the invitation, but a gag gift might be the exception to this rule.

Retirement can be a happy ending and a new, exciting beginning. Make sure you celebrate both. Recognizing the achievements of the retiree is a great way to put some closure on a long, successful career and begin a new life as a retiree.

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