Invitations for a Hippie Party

There are many individuals in their 40s and 50s that miss the 1970s – the hippie generation. Despite all the political strife of the 1970s, was a fun and happy time filled with life, love, and great memories. This is precisely why some people try to bring back those great times by hosting hippie themed parties.

Hippie parties are much different from the parties we have today. The great thing about a groovy hippie parties is that these parties do not require extensive preparation. Since most of your guests will probably be easy going, understanding, and unique, the only thing that you have to plan for is a lot of fun.

Hippie InvitationsCreating a Hippie Party

To create a great hippie party means making an invitation that is psychedelic, colorful, and fun. Even the writing does not have to be too formal; the only thing that you have to tell people is where the party is located, and when to arrive at the venue location. In most cases, the hippie image printed upon the invitation says it all.

Most hippie parties tend to offer guests a variety of wine, cheese, beer, chips, cakes and numerous desserts. Make sure you have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options as well. You may even consider a type of potluck dinner, as many of the guests may want to contribute to the family environment that this sort of party can include.

Celebrate… Everything!

Hippie parties can be used as an excuse to celebrate every (and any) occasion… not just the rebirth of Woodstock. Unlike the traditional parties that most people host today, hippie parties can be held anywhere, inside of any building, outdoors, on a farm, or at a popular resort area.

One way to spice up your hippie party is to include prizes for the best dressed hippie. Chances are that most people will not have authentic clothes in their closets, but asking your guests to dress up will be a lot of fun.

Many hippie costumes are readily available at many arts and crafts stores. These costumes come with a variety of accessories, including bracelets, necklaces, sandals, neon guitars, plus size bellbottoms, velvet pants, and many more great items.

The image shown displays 60’s Hippies invitation by Inviting Company.

What do you need?

Start thinking about your party now by considering the people that you want to include on your guest list. The more people that you invite to your hippie party, the more fun it will prove to be. Go ahead and invite those friends from yesteryear, and consider inviting some younger guests as well.

Make the invitations warm and inviting, so that your guests will feel welcomes, loved, and appreciated. A hippie party invitation card should try and incorporate pictures of that famous era. Images that include peace signs, bell bottoms, and flowers will work perfectly.

Times may have changed a lot since the 1960s and 1970s, but there is no doubt that an invitation to any hippie party will help to make the troubles of today a lot easier to tolerate. Have fun with your psychedelic hippie party – after all, the era you are celebrating may have been the best that the world has ever seen.

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