Thanksgiving Thank You Cards for the Modern Business

No matter how modern and stylish your business is, it still needs to send thank you cards periodically throughout the year. A perfect time of year to thank clients for their business is just before Thanksgiving. This allows you to get creative with Thanksgiving themed thank you cards and advertise your business, all at the same time.

Choosing Modern Thanksgiving Thank You Cards

business man holding thank you note cardIf your corporate identity is modern, sleek and stylish, then your business stationery should reflect this ambiance and mimic that same modern yet professional tone. Thank you cards are no different, so don’t just choose any Thanksgiving thank you card because it has a turkey on the cover, but take time to choose a modern Thanksgiving design that will complement your business style.

For example, instead of using traditional Thanksgiving symbols on your thank you cards, let the color scheme represent the holiday. Your Thanksgiving thank you cards could be ivory and feature a simple horizontal burgundy stripe across the middle with a multi-color pinstripe towards the top in shades of green, orange and yellow. “Thank you” could be printed inside the burgundy stripe.

If you want to incorporate Thanksgiving symbols, you could choose slightly less traditional ones to adorn your thank you cards or traditional symbols printed in a less conventional way to coordinate with your modern business style. For instance, the cover could feature a rich, chocolate brown background with gold accents outlining a fall leaf motif with “thank you” printed in the center in gold lettering. You could also choose paisley pattern in burgundy with gold and orange accents as a decorative border for flat thank you cards with your message printed in the center.

Why Send Thanksgiving Thank You Cards

This time of year inspires people to shop and spend money on themselves and loved ones, so give them an extra reason to visit your business this holiday season. Sending thank you cards near Thanksgiving to simply thank clients for their business will accomplish more if you include an incentive to visit your business and make a purchase during the holiday season. You can choose what type of incentive works best for your business.

You could offer a discount on certain products or services or advertise a one-day sale with an extra discount if they bring in their thank you card. You could offer a special holiday gift bundle at a special price for loyal customers, or give them a buy-one get one offer. As long as you can fit your incentive into one or two short sentences, it should definitely make the thank you message. People don’t have time to read a lengthy note, so be succinct and choose Thanksgiving inspired thank you cards that have an eye-catching, modern appearance.

Attractive designs and patterns combined with your business name and logo is the perfect subtle advertisement for a modern business that cares enough about its customers to send stylish, thoughtful thank you cards that reward recipients for their loyalty and reward your business with increased traffic and attention.

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