Wedding Shower Couple Theme

Traditionally, wedding showers were only for brides and their female friends, but things have changed. Today, more hostesses want the party to be about the couple, not just the bride. As a result, the couples theme has become increasingly popular and more showers include guests from both sexes. Let’s look at some ideas for wedding showers for couples and the invitations you’ll need to get the guests there.

young coupleShowers for Couples

There are a number of ways to do showers with this theme. One way is to limit the guest list to only couples. Couples can then compete in different fun games. For example, they might play a version of the Newlywed Game. The bride and groom could ask the couples questions and give them points where their answers match. Another way to play games is have the girls competing against the guys in a trivia contest, board game, scavenger hunt, etc. You could also have the guests answer trivia questions about the couple, such as when they first met or how the groom asked her to marry him.

If your shower is near Halloween, then you could ask all of the guests to come dressed as a famous couple, such as Romeo and Juliet or Anthony and Cleopatra.

Because you’ll want to make both genders comfortable, you’ll want to steer clear of decorations that super feminine or masculine. You might want to do a combination instead. Create centerpieces made from flowers or hang blank CD’s from the ceiling. For refreshments, consider having a football shaped cookie and a cake covered in pink icing. You could also serve finger sandwiches and wine, plus buffalo wings and beer.

For party favors, you should either have one gift that would be appropriate for the couple, such as decorative boxes of chocolate, or one gift for each member of the couple. Women might get a candle or special soap; men might receive a shot glass. If you’re not sure what kind of gifts would be appropriate, ask people who are familiar with your guest list.

Another thing about showers for couples is that you can incorporate other themes into the party as well. For example, you could have a couples’ patio shower. All of the food would be related to an outdoor barbecue and, of course, the shower would be held on a patio. The gifts would be related to anything that could be used to entertain in the backyard.

Couples Invitations

For a couples’ shower, the invitations don’t have to be anything too formal. They should be casual and should reflect whatever other theme you’ve worked in to the shower. The easiest option is purchase pre-made invitations from a stationery store such as Another option is to have the fronts of the invitations made from a photograph of the couple, perhaps an engagement picture. Make sure to set a deadline for responding to the invitations; otherwise, you may end up having people calling you the day before the shower.

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