Choosing Appropriate Business Stationery for Your Resume

Your resume is the first glimpse a potential employer has of you, the job applicant. Considering that first impressions make the last impressions, it is essential that you pay attention to the appearance and substance of your resume.

Resume Tips

interview girlResumes give potential employers an overlook of your experience, education, and skills. Therefore, it is important that your resume is well-written, consistent, and concise. Most resumes should be no longer than one page unless you are listing extensive experience for upper management roles.

Your font, punctuation, and verb tense should be consistent throughout your resume. All headings should be bold and the same size font, for example. You also need to include your updated contact information and your name at the top of the resume, allowing employers to easily contact you.

Avoid exaggerating and never fabricate your skills, education, or work experience because you will most likely be caught for lying. If you are qualified but don’t have enough experience, turn it into a positive and mention why this will be an asset to the company. You just might get the job for your innovation and honesty.

Choosing Your Resume Paper

Resumes should be printed on plain ivory or white paper. You will want to choose a heavier weight than regular computer paper and use black ink. Resumes make your first impression, and therefore, choosing a professional, clean paper speaks well for you and will often separate you from the applicant presenting an inconsistent resume printed on cheap, thin paper.

Getting Creative with Your Resume

There are a few instances where you might consider looking outside traditional resume paper and ignore the plain paper rule. For instance, if you are applying for a job within a creative company, or as an art teacher or a photographer, you might want to choose resume paper that attracts positive attention. Another reason you might stray from plain resume paper is if you run a small business or are self-employed and want to catch the attention of possible clients with your skills, experience, and creativity.

For example, you might choose resume paper with a pale sage background and a sloping letterhead, which will show clients that their needs synergize with yours. You might also choose white resume paper featuring a colorful border on the left side to remind clients or possible employers that you will merge your fun and creative side with professionalism and hard work.

If you want a modern yet professional look, you might choose white paper with a black and gold header and left border. These colors are understated, professional, yet sophisticated. You could also choose a marbled background with a dark brown header and footer containing your contact details.

Whether you choose traditional or creative resume paper, keep it concise, consistent and error-free, and you are sure to land the job of your dreams.

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