Celebrating a Birthday Party on Thanksgiving Day

If you have a late November birthday, you likely experience the annual competition with Thanksgiving. This year, consider sending Thanksgiving themed birthday invitations and asking friends and family to join you for a festive birthday celebration.

Let Thanksgiving Inspire Your Birthday Invitations

Leaf Mix Invitation by Inviting CompanyThanksgiving is the time of year when we’re supposed to sit back, survey a table loaded with delicious seasonal food, and be thankful for all the good things in our lives. Instead, Thanksgiving is often a hectic, stressful time of year. Because it arrives on the edge of the Christmas season, finding time to cook a large meal for a lot of people can feel impossible, and many people are without family. This year, let go of the stress and embrace the essence of this holiday by infusing it with a festive birthday party.

Send birthday invitations that feature a mouth-watering Thanksgiving meal set on a beautiful table and invite family and friends to bring a dish for a birthday-Thanksgiving extravaganza. You could also send birthday invitations shaped like a turkey for a lighthearted approach or send birthday invitations with a border of colorful fall leaves surrounding a gold center for your birthday invitation wording.

How to Combine Thanksgiving With Your Birthday

If you have a lot of friends in the area who don’t have family close by, hosting a birthday celebration on Thanksgiving is a great way to infuse the holiday with meaning and give your friends a happy place to go on Thanksgiving. If you feel that many of your friends wouldn’t be able to attend your birthday celebration on Thanksgiving itself, plan your party for the weekend and give your friends a chance to relax with you after a long day shopping on Black Friday.

If you want to celebrate your birthday on Thanksgiving, hosting a potluck is a great way to ease the burden of cooking a large meal and get your guests involved. Asking guests to bring their favorite Thanksgiving dish or share a family recipe or tradition will help make the celebration more intimate. You could cook the main dish and then just assign various categories, like hot and cold side dishes, desserts, bread and drinks, so that you don’t end up with too many desserts and not enough side dishes.

Make the Party Atmosphere Festive and Fun

Thanksgiving Birthday PartyDon’t forget to stop by the florist and choose Thanksgiving-inspired floral arrangements to decorate your home. Fall flowers in rich colors like gold, orange and burgundy are the perfect accents for a Thanksgiving-themed birthday party. If you’re feeling crafty, scoop out the insides of several pumpkins and place your flowers in a glass of water that will fit inside the pumpkin and voila! You have ready-made festive vases for your flowers.

Arranging candles in fall colors is a great way to add elegance or rustic charm, depending on the type of candle holders you choose. You might avoid lighting scented candles, however, because some people are sensitive and your home will already be filled with the delicious scents of Thanksgiving dinner.

Send your festive Thanksgiving-inspired birthday invitations, and you might even start a fun Thanksgiving tradition that friends and family look forward to each year.

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