White & Ivory Wedding Invitations

If you’re choosing very traditional style wedding invitations, then you’ll need to decide whether they should be white or ivory as these are the two most common options with formal invitations.


Embossed Triple Pearl on Ivory Invitation KitWhen you’re trying to decide between these colors, you need to keep consistency in mind. You want your wedding invitations to match the rest of your stationery, as well as other elements of your wedding.

Consistency is usually easier to maintain if you choose white for your invitations because white is simply a more common color for wedding dresses, the wedding cake, etc. That doesn’t mean you should erase ivory from your list of your choices. Regardless of which color you choose, there are ways to make it work without ruining the consistency of your wedding.


Part of the problem is that white and ivory are easily confused. Couples who don’t have a good eye for detail may look at the two hues and not see the subtle differences, but the colors are separate shades. White is the absence of color. It represents cleanliness, purity, and innocence. Ivory, on the other hand, is a version of white that includes shades of light brown. Because of this combination, ivory can share many of the same meanings of white but can also create an earthier feel.


Finalizing your decision about whether to use white or ivory could come down to your wedding’s theme. For example, a winter wedding would be appropriate for white invitations because the color would be reminiscent of snowfalls and ice-covered ponds. On the other hand, a fall wedding might call for ivory because of its brown and yellowish overtones.

If your heart is set on ivory invitations, don’t let the difficulty of matching them with your cake or dress keep you from choosing that color. Ivory can be used as an accent color on your invitations as well. For instance, you could use ivory for the insert card, the jacket, or the envelopes, particularly if you are combining it with a rich, dark shade color such as plum, evergreen, brown, or maroon.

White invitations can also be beautiful, especially if you add splashes of colors. Rich colors and softer pastels can both be matched with white. The envelopes, accent embellishments, insert cards, and insert jackets would be appropriate places to add more color.


The bottom line is you should look at examples of both white and ivory wedding invitations, then decide which shade will best match the look you are trying to accomplish on your special day.

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