Invitations with Lotus Flower Motif

The lotus flower is an important symbol to many different cultures. From Ancient Egypt to modern Asia, this flower is very symbolic to many different people. Often, the lotus flower is used as a symbol of meditation, which is why this flower is appropriate for any meditation club gathering.

Whether you are just beginning to explore meditation or are a practitioner of meditative ideals, this flower should hold a lot of important and significance. Learn about the ancient history behind the flower, and then share these interesting details with new members of your club.

lotus flowerThe Lovely Lotus

The oldest depiction of the lotus flower that we have today comes from Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians often held the blue water-lily in high esteem. Various Egyptian engravings refer to the blue water-lily as the “blue lotus” or “sacred lotus.” Historians have also discovered the other civilizations held the lotus to highly significant ideals.

For example, those that practice the Hindu religion believe that the lotus flower represents creation. Within Hindu texts, this flower is closely associated with the gods Vishnu, Brahma, and the goddess Lakshmi. Additionally, this flower tends to be linked with eternal beauty and life.

The lotus flower also happens to be the national flower of India (as well as Vietnam), which makes it even more important to almost everyone within these two countries. While the Hindu culture is almost always thought of when the lotus flower is mentioned, the Chinese also believe that the lotus flower is an important symbol.

Abstract Lotus InvitationThe Chinese Lotus

Within Chinese culture, the lotus flower represents purity and charm. This is precisely why the lotus flower shows up frequently within Chinese poetry. The great Chinese scholar Confucius often spoke of the lotus flower as being the ultimate symbol of purity.

From such a simple flower come so many interpretations that the flower itself is often seen as the ultimate symbol for meditative practices. When a lotus flower becomes the emblem for a meditation club, this flower means a lot more than a pretty picture. Thus, creating a lotus flower symbol for your own meditation club is a wonderful way to pay homage to the meaning behind the flower itself.

When you start a meditation club, you will need to seek out other members. This can be done by extending an invitation for the club to numerous people within your community. What better way to welcome new members than with the ancient lotus flower?

Lotus Invites

Encourage people to attend your meditation club through invitations that feature a lotus flower that is set upon a calming blue background. Not only with the color blue soothe nervous guests, it will also represent peace and harmony – two things that are important within meditation.

As soon as your new members arrive at your club, you can explain the importance of the flower. This way, you will have something to talk about, as well as a symbol that can be cherished. The lotus flower is both modern and traditional, which makes it the perfect emblem for your meditation club and invitations.

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