Native American Invitations

Parents are always looking for an interesting idea for their children’s birthday parties or just for themes for summer vacation activities. Very seldom to they think about combining history education and a party theme but there is a way to do this and children will enjoy it.

What is this great idea? Well, it’s creating a party around the theme of the Native American.

Frederic Remington - A Sioux ChiefPlanning an Native American Theme Party

Before you start planning, I would suggest doing some research. Try to identify the specific Native American groups who once lived in your area – this helps get children more interested. You may also want to check out any Native American landmarks in your area. These are often not well-marketed so you may have a hidden gem just miles from your home. If not, find out what’s available at your local museum.

Another reason for doing this research is that you don’t want to be offensive by presenting a false idea of Native American culture.

Put together a guest list of children who would be interested in this party. You’re better off choosing slightly older children who you know can sit and listen quietly than little kids who want to be activity or older kids who prefer to do things independently.

Once you put together the guest list, you’ll need to choose a location. You can either throw the gathering at the Native American location or at the museum. Most of these places have conference facilities available for rental. Another idea is to choose an outdoor area, set up a tent and a campfire, and have a more authentic Native American experience.

After you’ve chosen the location and finalized the other logistical details, you’ll want to send out invitations. Two cute options include the Native American Guide and the Adobe invitations.

Ideas for the Party

One fun way to spend some time at the party is by telling traditional Native American myths. Children who love story time will love hearing these classic tales, including stories about how things came into existence. For example, one story explains the creation of the mosquito. According to the myth, a mean giant used to eat people and drain their blood. To save his people, one man developed a plan for defeating the giant. His plan worked and he killed the giant, but as the giant died it cursed the man and all humans. He said that he would continue feasting on human blood for all eternity. After the man burned the giant’s body, the ashes and smoke formed a mosquito which began sucking his blood.

If you’re having a party in the summer, then you’re probably going to be surrounded by mosquitoes and the story will be a great way to introduce the idea of Native American culture to the little ones.

Now with most parties you might want to keep the refreshments and other party-related items in theme but that’s not necessary with this particular theme. Instead, you can use creativity and pick foods and beverages your guests will love.

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