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In our busy lives it can be really difficult for women to keep in touch the way they’d like. We have jobs, husbands, children, houses and commitments with our family. We always tell each other we’re going to do a better job of keeping in touch, but it never seems to happen. What every group of girlfriends needs is a leader; the one woman who will make things happen. If that person could be you, start by organizing a girls night out. You don’t have to kick the hubby and kids out for the evening and you don’t have to clean like a maniac. In fact, you don’t even have to use your own house. Here are some suggestions for a girls’ night out invitations that takes no effort on your part beyond organizing and sending stationery.

Spa Day

Girls Night CocktailsWork with a local spa to organize a spa day. Most spas will give you private attention if you have enough participants, at least putting all of you in a room together. They may also give you a group discount. Get firm commitments from your girlfriends and schedule your group for a Saturday morning around 10:00. You’ll finish up just in time for lunch together.

Paint Your Own Pottery

It’s likely that your local area has one of these “paint your own” pottery studios. You can probably book the studio all to yourselves one evening if you have enough people. They’ll also likely let you bring in wine and snacks. Simply make your reservations and ask each participant to bring either a bottle of wine or a food item. You can talk and paint all evening.

Tour of Homes

Most cities offer a tour of homes at some point in the year. Meet first for Sunday brunch at a nice restaurant and then spend your Sunday afternoon touring beautiful homes and getting great decorating ideas together.

Attend the Theatre

Choose a Broadway touring production that’s appealing to a wide range of tastes. Get dressed up, have dinner out together and then go to the theatre. If you’re up for it, you can go for dessert and coffee to discuss the show afterward.

Have a Scrapbooking Party

Most scrapbooking stores host a “crop night” now and then. Many are also willing to host one just for you if you have enough participants. Each participant brings her “in progress” scrapbook and the store allows everyone to use its scissors and cutting implements. They’ll often sell you supplies at a discount during these events. Do understand, though, that you’re expected to make a purchase, especially if they are keeping the store open for your event.

Take a class together

This ensures that you have a girls night for a month or more to come. Have everyone sign up for the same pottery class, yoga class or photography class. Then plan each week to have dinner together before class or coffee together afterwards.

So you see, you needn’t be a great hostess to be the glue that holds your girl friends together. You just need some ideas and the willingness to organize. When you’ve sorted out your first girls adventure, there’s a great invitation called “Girl’s Night In” at that your friends will love.

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