Creating Unique Wedding Invitations with an Artistic Flair

An artist friend of my family’s decided to do something unique for her wedding invitations. She created an original piece of art that her artist was able to recreate on the front of all of her invitations. A similar design was also used on her thank you cards and her other wedding stationery.

When I heard her story, I started thinking about how truly unique and beautiful those wedding invitations were. It would be great if everyone’s invitations could have a bit of artistic flair but most of us aren’t blessed with that kind of talent. Even if we were, we might be too self-conscious to want to send out our own art to everyone we know!

Prism Marble InvitationsThen I thought of a couple of ideas that would be great alternatives.

Watercolor Style Invitations

One of the ideas was to purchase already made invitations that possessed that artistic flair. The watercolor floral invitations and matching thank you cards are a great example. They bring to mind beautiful, elegant paintings while also working in well with your themes of spring, certain colors, and even flowers.

The best part about choosing this option is that you get to have artistic-looking stationery even if you don’t have natural talent as an artist or the funds to pay a professional to create the artwork for you. Not to mention a professional would charge extra to give you the rights to print the picture on the invitations.

Other Ideas for Artistic Stationery

If you or your spouse-to-be have children, cousins, nephews, or nieces, then another idea might be to let them handle the creation of your artwork. Purchase some watercolor paints to match your color theme or tell the kids what your wedding theme is then give them a canvas and let their imaginations go wild. You probably won’t end up with the next Monet, but you’ll have something very unique and special for your invitations.

Talk to a printer or graphic designer about transferring the image onto blank greeting cards, either white or ivory cards would work well.

The bottom line is that choosing invitations with an artistic flair – either your own, a professional’s, or a kid’s – is guaranteed to make them unique and memorable.

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