Planning a Perfect Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, like so many holidays during the fall and winter season, is a great time for families to get together. However, throwing a wonderful Thanksgiving gathering can be a bit stressful. Hopefully, the ideas below can help you plan the perfect holiday event.

Choosing Thanksgiving Invitations

Thanksgiving PartyFirst, you need to decide what type of Thanksgiving event you’re having. Are you going to do a very casual get together with a relaxed atmosphere and maybe a food buffet where your guests can serve themselves? Or are you planning a more formal sit-down meal with multiple courses? You’ve got to know the answers before you choose the right Thanksgiving invitations since those invitations will set the tone for your event.

If you’re taking the more formal route, the Brown Swirl Folder Wedding Invitation Kit are a great choice. They also come with RSVP cards so you can get an accurate guest count before you begin preparing the meal and plan the seating chart. For a more casual Thanksgiving, you might choose a simpler invitation such as Colorful Leaves Brown Invitations or Autumn Color Invitations.

Being a Good Host

After the invitations are sent, you’ll need to start making the rest of your holiday dinner preparations. For starters, you’ll need to put together a guest-friendly menu. Although you probably will want to serve Thanksgiving favorites like turkey, ham, and pumpkin pie, you’ll also want to keep in mind the special dietary needs of your guests. Inviting vegetarians? Make sure to have plenty of tasty side dishes made without meat or meat-based products. For example, you can substitute vegetable broth for chicken broth in many recipes. Use low-sodium salt or allow guests to add their own salt to the food if you’re having guests over who need to watch their blood pressure.

Make sure to have plenty of seating. Before you create your guest list, make sure you can accommodate everyone. Have a general seating plan in mind and be prepared for your guests to bring their own guests. Remember the best host is prepared for the unexpected.

As the response cards start pouring in, begin working on your seating chart. Don’t leave it up to your guests to decide where to sit – that’s your job. Try to be sensitive to your guests and their preferences for certain people over others. For example, couples should be seated either next to each other or across from each other.

If you’re inviting children to your Thanksgiving dinner, then consider having a separate table just for them. Have some coloring books, small toys, or even a family-friendly DVD ready to keep your younger guests occupied while the adults enjoy one another’s company.

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