Fundraising Party Theme

Everyone likes to do something for charity, however due to the stress and strain we face in our life, it becomes almost impossible for us to hold a charity event. However, if ‘giving’ was all about getting your family and friends together for dinner or lunch and helping in raising funds and awareness about an important cause or issue, then it is easy to do good for other people too. If most of your potential donors are living nearby and enjoying social activities and outings regularly, then you can host a fundraising party as a simple and fun way to help in raising funds. You need to keep some factors in mind when you are planning to host a fundraising party in support of some cause:

banquet tablePrepare a guest list and invite as many people as possible. Do not forget to send an invite to your friends, co-workers and family members.

Send out your invitation to the guests and make it clear that the fundraising party will be all about fun. Indicate that there will be some activities taking place related to the cause.

You need to keep following up with the guests and ensure that you receive their feedback on attendance.

If you are holding a theme party for fundraising then it always helps to gather as much information as possible regarding the cause because it is essential to educate your donors about where their money will be going.

Start preparing for the party. Plan a menu, design the decor and then you can select a theme for the party.

It always helps to have a home computer so that you can create a home page for the cause and if the guests want they can make online donations. This can save a lot of time and paper work. But just in case you do not have Internet connection at home, you can keep your pledge forms ready.

Write down the address of your website and let people know that they can visit the home page to read more on your project.

Mingle with the guests at the party and then make a presentation. Do not start the moment everyone reaches the venue.

The best way to make your fundraising theme party successful is to encourage the guests to give. This might seem to be a difficult task, but if are specific about what you are asking from them, it will surely help the donors to choose an amount. In your presentation, do not forget to state your total fundraising goal so that it is clear to the people present at the party.

It can be very exciting to organize a fund raising party. You will not only help people, but also have fun with your friends and acquaintances. In fact, it can become a bit addictive once you start holding such parties. You should remember that every party has an X factor, however subtle it is. Even if you host a small fundraising theme party, it can surely make a lot of difference to someone’s life.

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