Hot and Sassy Thank You Cards for the Exotic Business

If your business offers nontraditional services or products, consider sending thank you cards with some spunk. This will further strengthen your unique company and special branding.

How to Send Hot and Sassy Thank You Cards

Multi Color Stripes Thank You CardIf you have a casual business in an exotic location, you are a good candidate for sassy thank you cards. Your clients might visit you for specialty items or boutique services and won’t be offended by a slightly more casual, very colorful thank you card. Whether you sell exotic wine and spirits, baked goods using authentic island ingredients, or have a travel agency or island boutique, choosing sassy thank you cards will remind clients of your business and thank them for their patronage.

Purpose of Sassy Thank You Cards

The purpose of any business thank you card is to acknowledge those who contribute to your company. This includes employees, clients or customers, and vendors. If you take time to recognize employee contributions and thank customers for using your products or services, as well as for referring new business your way, then you are likely to inexpensively increase your business.

Sending business thank you cards is especially relevant if you have a good relationship with your employees and customers, and your atmosphere is laid back and relaxed. This is when you might want to send business thank you cards with a little spunk and flair, instead of resorting to conventional, professional designs. As long as the business thank you card reflects the style of your company, then recipients will appreciate the sentiment.

Exotic Thank You Card Design Ideas

If your business offers several different services, you might consider choosing business thank you cards featuring vertical rainbow-colored stripes with a circle around the words “Thank You” in the center. This hints that customer appreciation is the central focus of your business. Perhaps you are a travel agency specializing in tropical retreats. The myriad of rainbow colors suggests an enjoyable and varied trip that is stress-free and enjoyable, mostly because your agency does all the hard work.

Similarly, you might have an island boutique shop, selling specialty goods and souvenirs native to your location. Sending rainbow-striped thank you cards will remind customers of your colorful shop and will probably inspire them to pass the word on to their friends and family.

Another example of a thank you card with an exotic flair is one with large white and multi-colored dots as the background and one dot containing the words “Thank You.” Sending business thank you cards with this design has a contemporary yet sassy vibe and is perfect for a company that sells exotic products. For example, you might import sparkling wine from a tiny island off the Mediterranean Coast and the multi-colored dots represent the bubbly you sell.

The multi-colored dots on these thank you notes could also be relevant to tropical-inspired businesses, whether you sell resort clothing or offer island excursions. Again, the multiple colors indicate many choices – whether customers are searching for the perfect travel outfit, the perfect destination, or just a fun side trip.

If your company falls into these categories, then go ahead and incorporate a little sass and exotic color into your business thank you cards.

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