Wedding Stationery with Sexy Lingerie

Bachelorette parties and bridal showers are very common within our world today. In fact, most brides-to-be would never consider skipping their bachelorette or bridal party. However, these traditions weren’t always so common.

A Revolutionary Bachelorette History

Ooh-La-La Lingerie Blonde by Doc MiloMost modern women plan their bachelorette party at the same time as the groom plans his bachelor party. These two events seem to go hand in hand quite naturally, which might be due (in part) to the history of the bachelorette party itself.

Many decades ago, the bachelor party was a well established male right. While most of us tend to think of the bachelor party as raucous party, this wasn’t always the case. When the tradition first began, grooms would host an elegant dinner party for all of their closest friends – sounds like a far cry from today’s bachelor parties, doesn’t it?

Somehow this tame evening of drinks and fine dining turned into a night of “painting the town.” What does all of this have to do with the bachelorette party? In fact, the bachelorette party was modeled after the bachelor party, though it came many decades later.

The first bachelorette party can be traced back to the sexual revolution that was the 1960s. Women realized that they weren’t getting their fair share of freedom prior to their wedding night. Therefore, they planned the first ever bachelorette party – and it turned out to be a smashing success.

Of course, this famed girls’ night out is a far cry from the social bridal shower. Then again, bridal showers can be rather risqué (in a fun way) depending upon the group of women that have gathered for the event.

From Tea to Teddies

You can bet that the first bridal shower had nothing to do with sexy lingerie. True, a few practical mothers might have given their young daughters a flannel nightgown or two to keep them warm during winter months, but those first bridal showers certainly didn’t include lace, ribbons, and fishnets.

How did the tea-time bridal shower turn into a display of provocative lingerie? Again, with the sexual revolution taking part, today’s bridal showers are certainly full of items that make most grandmothers and great aunts blush.

Bridal Shower Stationery That Sets the Mood

If you intend to throw your friend a bridal or bachelorette party, choose stationery that really sets the theme. There’s no mistaking an invitation featuring sexy lingerie on it, which can get everyone excited about the exciting bridal shower.

Careful planning must go into every aspect of a wedding event. This includes choosing appropriate invitations and Thank You cards for a bridal shower too. If you want to create a fun party atmosphere, make sure to select lingerie invites that reflect this modern party approach.

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