Martini Party Theme Invitations

Who to invite

Martini parties are making a comeback in popularity, complete with a retro theme. Chances are that the younger generations have never been to a Martini party and the older generations will enjoy revisiting yesteryear. Invite adults who like to socialize, are good conversationalists, and have a unique hobby or job.

Martini Cocktail PartyInvitations

Retro style stationery will be an enticing invitation to join in on an evening of fun. Look for styles that have a martini glass on them, or retro neon signs. Be sure to let your guests know that it is a black tie affair, and that an RSVP would be appreciated.


Black and silver are the colors that you will want to use for this cocktail party. Elegant silver candlesticks set atop black tablecloths, crystal vases full of roses, whit twinkle lights, and accents of neon signs or balloons are all that you need to set the scene for the party. Set martini glasses full of gourmet flavors of walnuts, almonds and cashews around the room. Other glasses can be filled with the traditional green olives or decedent imported chocolates. Black and silver gift bags make excellent trash bags for cocktail picks and napkins.


Jazz music is most often associated with a cocktail party. If you know a pianist who has access to a piano or keyboard (check rentals), invite him to play for your party. The live music will ensure the success of your party. Otherwise, you will need to search music stores for good CD’s to use with a portable CD player.

Martini Bar

If you do not have someone in mind who is a great bartender, consider hiring one for the evening. Work with the bartender ahead of time to decide the purchases that are needed to stock the bar. There are numerous websites that can be accessed for exotic Martini recipes. Think beyond the traditional classic gin or vodka Martini. Your guests will appreciate exotic martinis such as Tai Coco or Ginger. Chocolate lovers should be invited to try the Chocolate Martini. Purchase a variety of drink swizzle sticks, to invoke further conversation amongst your guests. Inexpensive martini glasses can be purchased at party supply stores.

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