Pizza Birthday Party Invitations Theme

Finding pizza party invitations are easy. If you search stationery stores, you can find invitations in the shape of pizza slices, or with photos of pizza on them. For a cheaper alternative, you could search for pizza themed letter sheets. Invite all people who love pizza. This is the type of party that everyone will enjoy! Children will want lots of friends. Parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins should be included on the family list.

Pizza PartyDecorating for the Party

Create an Italian Pizza Parlor atmosphere with little effort. Red and White checked tablecloths spread over card tables creates instant atmosphere. Centerpieces can be bowls with coloring pages and crayons to keep guests occupied while waiting for their pizza to cook. You could also add snacks such as hard breadsticks and bowls of black olives. Add white twinkle lights, and some soft music and you have the decorating done! Your guests will love being invited for pizza at your private pizzeria.


Provide the opportunity for each guest to create their own pizza. You can use pre-made pizza shells to save on the frustration. Set up an assembly line and invite adults to assist the young chefs in putting reasonable amounts on their pizza. Offer a variety of toppings for them to choose from. Write down a description of each child’s pizza prior to them going into the oven. Show a movie and offer a veggie platter or chips as munchies while the pizzas are cooking. (You should pre-arrange to have a wide screen tv in the dining area) Continue showing the movie while children are eating their pizzas, as they will be coming out of the oven in a staggered fashion.


A great idea for a cake is a candy pizza. This is simple to do and a favorite of kids. Make a large batch of chocolate chip cookie dough and spread it in the pizza pan. After it is cooked, you will need to cool it. Top with Cool Whip or white frosting. Cover the pizza with a mixture of miniature candies (such as M & M’s and Skittles) You can also chop up candy bars and put them atop the pizza. Slice into very small slices. A little goes a long ways.

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