Guide to Writing a First Birthday Greeting Card

When it’s your turn to attend a first birthday party, you’ll likely need to choose a first birthday greeting card to either send in lieu of attendance or bring with you to the party along with a gift. It’s usually much easier to receive greeting cards than it is to write them, so here are some tips to writing a first birthday greeting card.

Step 1: Selecting the Right First Birthday Greeting Card

birthday boyWhen shopping for first birthday greeting cards, it’s important to keep this special milestone in mind. You can easily find a kid-friendly greeting card that doesn’t mention a specific age and call it a day, but you are cheating the proud parents out of that moment when they reread all the greeting cards from their child’s special day. Turning one is a big milestone, and opting for a specific first birthday greeting card is more thoughtful.

You can choose a festive yet neutral first birthday greeting card that exudes excitement, or you can be specific and choose a first birthday greeting card for a boy, girl or even twins, if appropriate. If you received a first birthday invitation to a themed party, perhaps a princess party for example, then choosing a first birthday greeting card that features a princess is even more perfect. You don’t have to match the theme to your greeting card, but if you stumble on one that plays in with a theme, then choose that one.

Step 2: Writing a Meaningful Message

birthday boy smilingObviously, one-year olds aren’t reading yet and won’t really comprehend the message of the first birthday greeting cards they receive, but the parents will. Greeting card messages, like thank you cards, don’t need to be lengthy, and sometimes simply writing a cheerful message, like “I’m so glad I’ll get to share this special day with you” is enough.

Most first birthday greeting cards have a pre-printed message on the inside wishing the birthday boy or girl a happy one. You can add a heartfelt message, especially if you are close with the parents or related, but it’s also acceptable to just write something nice about the child instead of just repeating “happy birthday.”

Or you can remind the parents, who might be feeling a bit stressed leading up to the party, how special this birthday is. You might write “I can’t believe that Hannah is turning one already! You’ll remember this special day always and I’m glad I could be a part of it.” You could also say something like “I hope this special day is filled with sunshine, love and laughter, just like Sarah.”

The beauty about writing a first birthday greeting card message is that a few words can leave a lasting impression. As long as you choose a first birthday greeting card that is specific to turning one, parents will look back on this day and reread these greeting cards with their child, and they will always have your card to smile about.

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