Ideas for the Wild, Wild West Wedding of your Dreams

With its tumbleweeds and prairie dogs, hoopskirts and barbeque, the Wild West is an ideal theme for your upcoming wedding. What better way to offer your guests a down home, warm, and wildly fun night, than planning a Country Western Wedding?! A western themed wedding offers you endless decoration, culinary, and entertainment ideas. Don’t know where to start with ideas? This bandwagon is loaded down with them, so let’s get to planning!

Invitations and decorations: how the west was created.

western coupleInvitations are your guests’ first introduction to your big day and consequently can help you set the tone of your wedding. Your guests will look for clues in your invitations: will the wedding be formal? Informal? Themed? And what better way to announce not only your wedding, but your wedding’s Western Theme, then to send a themed invitation? Whether you use western themed stationery, or simple wording that shouts Wild West, your invitations should let people know that there’s no cummerbund needed for your big day. The fun will start at the mailbox.

Decorations don’t need to be overly wacky when setting a western tone—but thematic they should be. Bails of hay and cacti can replace traditional roses and lilies, with sunflowers and bluebonnets adding a pop of color to your ceremony. White twinkle lights and license plates can be strung on the rafters to add a watering-hole feel to whatever reception locale you choose. Buckets of peanuts and buckets of glass bottle (root) beers can be placed on each table, serving both as appetizer and centerpiece.

Finger-licking good grub

What would the wild west be without BBQ? Certainly less wild. A Western themed wedding implies food that will leave any party dress a mess. Corn on the cob, baby back ribs, and baked potatoes are just a few items that will leave bellies full and your wallet still intact. Apple pie and ice cream can replace traditional white cake for a dessert sure to leave your guest feeling a home in the west. Blueberry cobbler and rhubarb pie would also serve as festive and theme-specific dessert options, while root beer and cider could wash it all down.

Boot-scootin’ fun

Western themed wedding have the chance to be wildest event in town. Depending on your reception locale, extravagant activities could be apart of your western celebration: pony rides for the kids and electronic bull rides for the adults. No matter the location, country tunes can start the party, and line dancing is a must. A jukebox could serve as a great way to add to the western décor, as well as substitute for the DJ once he’s packed up and hit the road. You could also set-up a saloon style photo booth, where your guests could take an old-style photo which they can take home as a memento.

However you decide to create a wild good time for all your guests, a Western themed wedding surely will put you on the right path!

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