Traditional Greeting Cards vs. E-Greeting Cards

With the prevalence of the internet and email, this has opened up the possibility of sending e-greeting cards in lieu of traditional store-bought cards. However, are e-greeting cards the right way to express yourself? Learn about the pros and cons of each style and decide for yourself.

Pros of Sending Traditional Greeting Cards

birthday greeting cardSending physical greeting cards has the benefit of being appropriate for anyone. Anyone can receive a traditional greeting card, and there is such a large variety that you are guaranteed to find the perfect one for each occasion and person. Holding a traditional greeting card, even one that is irreverent, will have greater meaning to the recipient and can double as a keepsake. Many people choose to include special greeting cards in scrapbooks or even frames if the design is pleasing.

Traditional greeting cards show the recipient that you went out of your way to choose a card specifically for her on her special day. The thought attached to a traditional greeting card often outweighs the card itself. Also, seeing your handwritten message and signature inside the card personalizes the sentiment and really shows you care.

Pros of Sending E-Greeting Cards

E-greeting cards are easy, don’t require a lot of planning, and offer a wide variety of occasions and styles. If you have forgotten to mail a birthday card and it’s the big day, simply choose an e-greeting card, and it will be delivered to the birthday person’s inbox instantly or on a subsequent day. This helps when you remember two weeks in advance, allowing you to choose the perfect card and schedule delivery on the particular birthday.

Cons of Sending Traditional Greeting Cards

In general, traditional greeting cards have one potential drawback: sending one involves more planning. Many people have difficulty remembering birthdays and events, especially those occurring in the first week of a new month. This means that unless you keep a supply of greeting cards on hand, you will have to go to the store, buy one, then mail it and explain why it’s late. Of course, the greeting card industry has many “belated” selections that convey your mistake with grace and wit to the recipient, who will probably be happy you remembered at all.

Cons of Sending E-Greeting Cards

There are several disadvantages to sending e-greeting cards. First, not everyone, particularly older people, have daily email access or even an email account. In these cases, an e-greeting card is either pointless or not likely to be viewed in a timely manner. This can cause hurt feelings by the recipient who thinks you forgot her birthday.

Another disadvantage is the casual nature of receiving a card via email. This appears as a last minute effort to send a card to someone who doesn’t matter enough for you to actually choose a card, fill it out, and mail it. Basically, the minimal effort that goes into an e-greeting card can be misconstrued by the recipient.

While an e-greeting card is enjoyed for a few minutes, it inevitably gets deleted. In contrast, a traditional greeting card can be kept and enjoyed for a lifetime.

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