How to Add Fragrance to Wedding Invitations

Every couple wants their wedding invitations to be memorable, to make an unforgettable first impression, and to set the right tone for the ceremony. One unique way of achieving those goals is to add scent to your invitation.

The Psychology Behind Scented Invitations

perfumePsychologists have discovered that our sense of smell is closely connected to the parts of our memory responsible for triggering memory recall. That’s why certain smells automatically conjure up thoughts of grandmother’s kitchen or ex-lovers. When your guests receive their invitations and are greeted with a whiff of that pleasant aroma, there’s a good chance that scent and your invitation (and, of course, your wedding) will be connected in their minds for years to come.

Adding Scent to Your Invitations

There are a few ways to add scent to your envelopes. The easiest is to use a scented spray and generously mist the inside of the invitation with the fragrance. If you prefer not to use a spray, you can also buy scented oil, dab some on an unscented cotton ball, then wipe the inside of the envelope. If you want a more natural approach and a floral scent, you can add rose petals or other dried flowers as embellishments to your invitation.

Once you decide to use scented invitations, your next decision will be what scent to use. You may want to consider a smell that will be associated with your wedding. For example, if the ceremony takes place on a beach, you might want to choose an ocean scent or if you’re getting married in an apple orchard, you might want to choose that aroma instead. Floral scents work well for any spring wedding, but pumpkin or apple would be ideal for fall weddings.

Aromatherapy Scents for Your Invitations

If none of those choices sound appealing, you could choose a smell based on its aromatherapy effects. Aromatherapy is the idea that the scents of certain essential oils can affect a person’s mood. You’ve probably seen aromatherapy products, particularly in stores dedicated to personal hygiene products or candles.

Basically, according to aromatherapy, by scenting your invitation with particular smells, you can create a certain mood in the recipients. For example if you want your guests to be in a romantic mood, then you might choose any of the following scents: apple, cinnamon, gardenia, jasmine, lavender, orange, rose, or vanilla. Unless you really want your guests to remember receiving your invitation, you might want to go easy on the rose or jasmine since they are considered aphrodisiacs.

Of course, you might also choose to create a sense of peace and well-being in your guests. To do this, aromatherapy says you should use the smells of carnations, eucalyptus, heather, lilac, sandalwood, and violets. If you’re looking for a more practical, success-oriented mood change, then applying honeysuckle, lemon, pine, or sage might do the trick.

If you’re interested in using aromatherapy scents on your invitations, you can find providers online. Local shops that sell candles often carry a limited number of aromatherapy products and scents as well. Just remember if you do decide to use scented invitations, don’t overdo the smell. A little goes a long way.

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