Invitations for the Medical Office

As with all professional events, a medical event must be properly planned and organized. While you can hire an event planner to put together your entire medical soiree, the invitations that you send out are entirely up to you. Invitations that feature the god of medicine “Asclepius” are ideal for any kind of event that you are contemplating. If you are unsure of this great myth, learn more about the influence of this god on today’s medical community.

Iconic Medical Emblem Invitations by OddBallsAncient Asclepius

While most people are more than familiar with Hippocrates (the grandfather of medicine), the myth behind the symbolic medical staff is largely unknown. The staff that now represents medicine comes from the Greek god Asclepius.

Asclepius was the god of healing and medicine within ancient Greek mythology. Asclepius’ daughters, Hygieia, Meditrina, Laso, Aceso, and Panacea, represent cleanliness, medicine, and healing. Thus, the entire family of Asclepius is forever intertwined with medicine.

In fact, the original Hippocratic Oath began with a mention of the god Asclepius and his children, though this portion of the oath may not have been composed by Hippocrates himself. Legend has it that Asclepius was banned to the nighttime sky by Zeus, which is why the constellation called “the serpent holder” is named after him.

The Medical Staff

The medical staff symbol that is associated with medicine today comes directly from the myth of Asclepius. Clearly, “the serpent holder” constellation is responsible for the snake that winds its way up the medical staff today.

With this bit of history in mind, planning your medical event will become a bit easier. While you don’t have to deck those party halls with snakes and gods, you might want to consider choosing details that are closely associated with this Greek myth – after all, without Asclepius, the medical staff (as we know it) wouldn’t exist today.

The best place to begin planning your event is with your invitations. The invites that you send out will set the mood for your entire gathering. Thus, these invitations should represent the medical world as you see it. Keeping Asclepius in mind, choose invitations that show off this great Greek myth.

Medical-Inspired Invites

Invitations that feature the medical staff will entice those that know the story of Asclepius, and it will also spark interesting conversation for those that do not know the story. Since creating conversation of any kind is important to all events, these invitations are especially unique.

Keep Asclepius in mind when you plan your event. Medicine is based upon many great myths and legends that deserve recognition in today’s modern world. Since medicine is an old craft that can be largely attributed to the Greeks, celebrating this fact is interesting and creative.

Whether or not you choose to hire an event planner for your medical event is up to you. Still, take some time to reflect upon what medicine means, and where it has come from. Begin your medical event with the right invitations to set the mood and show your guests that you know your medical mythology.

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