Wedding Invitations Inspired by Many Different Ideas

All couples want their wedding invitations to be a reflection of their personalities and to make an impact on the guests who receive them. However, some couples want to do more with their invitations than just to show off their creativity. Some couples want to create inspirational invitations.

Unique, Inspirational Invitations

inspirational invitationsThe term inspirational usually means one of two things. One meaning is strongly tied to religion and faith. For example, couples may want their invitations to be a celebration of their religious convictions. The second meaning refers to having some type of influence over another person. Either meaning can be appropriate for wedding invitations.

Because truly inspirational invitations must also be unique, you may want to create these invitations on your own or with the help of a graphic designer. You may also be able to use a traditional printer if you’re planning on including just a message.

If you want to create inspirational invitations, you should begin by deciding whether you want to use something that has already been written or something original. Many couples, for example, incorporate Bible verses or lines of poetry into their invitations in order to make an impact on guests. Either idea is acceptable and shouldn’t involve any copyright problems, although if you want to use a very long passage from a poem still protected by copyright you may need the author’s permission first. However, using small passages for non-commercial purposes and giving the author appropriate credit is usually fine.

Writing Your Own Inspirational Invitations

Of course, you may not want to simply repeat the great words of others in your wedding invitations. If you enjoy writing, you could tackle the task of developing your own memorable message for your invitations

We’re not all blessed with the creativity needed to write an inspirational message though. If you’d fall into that category, why not employ the services of someone you know who is capable of putting together inspirational messages? One of the first people to contact is your religious leader. He or she must create inspirational messages several times a week but wouldn’t it be special for him or her to write something unique just for your invitations? In exchange for their efforts, you could offer payment or a donation to the church or to another worthy cause.

You don’t necessarily have to seek out religious leaders for inspirational prose. Many of us have friends and family members who write poems or songs – they may provide an excellent source of material. Another idea is to contact the English department of your local universities and ask them if any of their students might be available for the challenge. You could agree to pay the student and/or to make a donation to the university for their help.

Before you approach any writer about putting together the message for your invitation, however, you should have some idea of what you’d want that message to say. Do you want something religious? Do you want something about the power of love? Do you want a message to honor your close relatives or friends who have died? Even if you’re not a great writer, consider jotting down some ideas that you can provide to the writer you choose. By doing so, you’ll make it easier for him or her to meet your expectations.

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